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Arizona Sunset

                                                          L. Grimley

Seek not peace, yet seek not strife,
But be assured that all will be
As God has set forth for all destiny.
Come not looking for answers smooth
To questions of life as yet unused.
Live each day knowing that when
The time has come for things undone,
That all will unfold and all will be told,
As those of old have seen and spoken
From days long ago.
                                               L. Grimley

Diary of a Frustrated Writer

Diary of a Frustrated Writer


That world out there stays the same,
It’s me inside that goes insane.

The world goes on no matter what,
But me inside, no matter what,
Never stays the same – or so it seems.

As I wrestle with the many dreams
That flicker, flash, then fall apart..

                                        L. Grimley ’81


Laughter I hear, do ye?

Laughter I feel, do ye? Where?

Around the trees and around the bees,

As they busily busy themselves with the trees.

Do ye know what I mean?

As the laughter wells bigger and bigger,

It seems most impossible to straiten oneself,

In the proper perspective

Of one in good health.

Who could understand the lifeless door of ease

As each little couplet comes across the

Channel  in need?


In need of what?  Laughter I say,

For who can be taken

Through life’s dreary door

If nowhere there be

Any laughter to make

The journey agree

                       L. Grimley ’75

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Days That Make You Strong – Maybe

 The day started well.  Woke up early – I’m a night owl but somehow have turned my nights into day and day into nights.  As I started my day, doing what comes naturally, turning on the computer, I thought about my plans for the day.  First on my blank slate was to work on my drawing.  Thanks to a fellow artist my interest in artistic endeavors had come back full bore.  Just then the phone rang.  It was that same number that had been calling me for days – from another state, never left a message; and I was sure it was a robocall so I never answered it.  Well, it’s time to find out who this is, I thought.  So I checked the number on Google and found the number belonged to Kohl’s store.  Hmmm.  I just opened an account with them at Christmas, were they doing a survey or what?  I called the number and the lady informed me I was overdue with my first payment.  This couldn’t be, as I remember registering online.  As I was talking to her I looked up my account and found, yes, I had registered but — oh yeah, I remember now, since it was several weeks before my payment was due I decided to wait to make a payment – and never did!  So the $25. savings I made by opening an account was quickly taken away by a late fee!

As I’m relating all this to a friend on FB I get yet another call.  This time it’s a fellow member of a club in which I am the recording secretary.  She wants to know am I going to be coming to the meeting “today”?  What?? A meeting? Today!??  Oh no, I hadn’t even written it down in my organizer.  In one and a half years I had never missed a meeting.  I was mortified.  How could this happen?  The week before, when the phone person called to see if I would be coming to the meeting I said, “of course”, but wondered why she was calling so soon when the meeting was almost three weeks away.  Turns out February had two meetings scheduled instead of the regular one meeting a month.

So my lovely day was fast becoming troublesome and my spirits were dropping fast.  Trying to stay strong, but spirits dropping fast.  I knew this month might be a hard one since it is the second anniversary of my husband’s death.  But just when I have moved on to start a new life with new purpose and I invite love into my life again – only to find it is unrequited love.   Now my spirits have bottomed out!

The phone rang again and it’s my newfound friend who invited me to go for a walk in a most exceptionally beautiful park the day before.   Her humor and good cheer helped lift my spirits – enough so that I was able to get to work on my drawing.

Upon awakening the next morning I went through my morning ritual, turned to my FB page and found a very dear lifelong friend, whom I had shared my tale of woe to,  had posted a blog on my timeline Not Everything Happens For a Reason: The magic words to say when everything is going wrong

I could relate to the article – I had been in a “why me, why me” for sometime in the past month.   If someone had said to me,  “everything happens for a reason” it would have added to my grief not lessened it.  So it is my friends who care for me and listen without platitudes and well meaning but ill-timed advise who lift me up and out of despair.

Onward and upward!  I am stronger!  And I turned to this strengthening little God-sent scripture this morning:

Psalm 34:18   The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves those who have a crushed spirit.

Writer’s Block – or self-denial

I decided that my blog would be about all my interests – might as well write about that which you are most familiar, right? Art has been in my life a long time; cooking even longer, gardening comes and goes, depending on where I live and the suitability and ease of growing vegetables. And it seems like I’ve had a green thumb living in some places more than others.

After writing four or five posts I happened upon a writer’s blog: onthehomefrontandbeyond.  Really fun to read, especially when she posted a draft of the beginning of a fictional story and asked for some feedback. This really was exciting for me! Back in the ’70s I wrote some poetry and in the ’90s I took a 2-3 year correspondence writing course. Then, again, I was drawn into a few poetry forums online in 2000. That’s quite a lot of writing, but for some reason I didn’t include it as an interest. Can you believe it?? I didn’t include this in my about page. Why? That’s what I asked myself – why? The answer came to me: Pain, shock. Each period of intense writing was followed by an emotional separation or shock. In 1975 after writing for almost three years my seventeen year marriage ended in divorce. When I was just about to get my writing certificate in 1996 the hospital where I worked for thirteen years laid off my whole medical transcription office. And then when I was having fun creating poetry with others online, 9-11 happened. I was sitting on the edge of my bed when the second plane crashed into the World Trade Center. Who can have fun writing after seeing such a horrendous scene? So, I guess there is some fear there – isn’t self-denial great? If you don’t write, nothing bad will happen; write, and something bad might happen. Gulp. But now that I realize that’s what has kept me from enjoying the process of writing, I think it’s time to climb up on the horse again!

Besides Louann’s blog inspiring me, www.plinky.com/ has whetted my appetite for wordsmithing. Plinky asks a question and you give an answer. The first question I answered in one word; the second was a more serious question so I used a few more words. And it seems with each answer I want to give a more creative answer. You can download an image to go with the content of your answer – this can provide a visual to go along with your answer, and help you to elaborate more on your answer, too.