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Five Days ‘Til Christmas


The little birds were so glad to have us home again after five months!  Easy food again!



Sharing my little friends withCamera Critters and Saturday’s Critters. If you’d like to see other interesting critters go to Camera Critters!




Beside the hanging bird feeder I have one on the ground for the two mourning doves that have been hanging around my yard for at least five years.  They like to lay their eggs in the palm tree right outside the front door.  When we came home after five months in Florida I found a pile of bird poop right outside the back kitchen door.  I couldn’t believe it!  They had never come on the patio and done that before!  After giving it some thought I figured it was either because they were looking for me – is she home? – is she sick? – where is she?    Or, it’s because I left a block of peanut butter suet setting on the kitchen table right next to the back door!    Of course, I’d like to believe they missed me 🙂

christmas tree 2013-001,


Here is my touch of orange for Orange You Glad It’s Friday?. Sunny is wondering which present is her’s!

Orange You Glad It's Friday

Camera Critters

Topock Bay, Arizona – Skywatch

Today’s photos are from Topock Bay, Arizona.  My sister-in-law and I went on a photographers’ outing and had just finished visiting Oatman, Arizona.  The day was still young so we decided to go about 21 miles further south and take some shots of the beautiful Topock Bay in the area of Five Mile Landing and Catfish Paradise.


Here are some interesting sites with information on the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge and Topock Bay:
Havasu National Wildlife Refuge
Topock, Arizona
Topock Gorge
Topock Bay, Arizona is being shared with Skywatch

Wild Duck

Wild Bird Wednesday is here again.  This little duck – is it a mallard?  I think so but I’m not a bird expert.  My sister-in-law and I were at the river regatta  a week or so ago filming all the rafters going down the Colorado River when this duck sails in, looks at the 8-10 people, most of them taking pictures with their cameras and she’s staring intently at us, like, “here I am, take my picture” – I swear, that’s what her intentions seemed to be.  She’d start swimming off, then think better of it; come back and stare at us – Wait!  It just dawned on me, the two viewers in front of me had cameras with big zoom lens, maybe she thought they were some sort of ducks with funny bills!  Anyhow, I’ve got ducky to thank for my participation in the WBW today.  Hopefully, my luck will stay with me and some little bird in the backyard will pose for me in time for next week’s entry. Happy hump day!