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Paint Party Post – Art Journal continued

Day four since starting my art journal.    I’m pretty satisfied with this drawing.  Drawing #2 I used watercolor pencils and the page buckled quite a bit, so in the future I think I’ll stick to drier mediums in this journal.  Drawing #3 was a charcoal doodle.   I really want to do some collaging, stamping and such, just hate to drag all my art supplies out again.  Especially since we are expecting company second week in October and my art room is a disaster!  I mean, it looks like an earthquake hit and shook everything in the room all over the place.  But, not to worry, as my husband used to tell me: “it really isn’t as bad as it looks”.   I’m sharing this with Paint Party Friday and Creative Every Day.

I need to get some fixative for charcoal drawings – or doodles such as this, because they sure mess up anything they come in contact with.

As you can see, the paper is all rumpled  – and that is just with a  little water.     I had planned on having a smooth background, not streaks, but figured  to stop before the paper was a total mess!  Oh, and I just bought  what I think is a new product by Crayola – colored glue and  two-toned spiral glitter glue stick.  I found it handy to spread around the cut-outs to firmly hold the edges plus put a little sparkle on the page.