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Pass Obama’s Tax Plan – Fierce Haiku

You know, income tax rates have varied over the years – but I can never recall there being such a hubbub about it.   But for the last four years the Republican party has done their best to thwart anything President Obama has tried to implement.  The first big opposition, of course, was to “Obamacare”; and they have fought tooth and nail against returning to the old tax rate “before Bush”.  I, for one, am sick of this opposition.  The majority of US voting citizens want the president to continue  programs that improve our economy, and one of the first is reversing the tax rate on those making more than $250,000.  Here is an interesting graphic on the rise and fall of marginal tax rates:

US Tax Rates (Taxes on riches/wealth)

US Tax Rates (Taxes on riches/wealth) (Photo credit: mSeattle)

In reference to Obama voter’s support here is a three-part haiku using the word “fierce”.

It was a fierce race
But now that it is over
Obama mandates

Reverse the tax rate
On the upper echelon
Majority rules

Be fierce in protest
Raise tax rate mandate speaks or
Walk on Washington

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