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Avarice on the Hill

Here are a couple of interesting articles on avarice in our government: “Debt, Greed and Human Avarice” by Bob Anderson in The Wenatchee World  and “”Bipartisan Avarice” and Citizens United in the 2012 Election” by Joyce Arnold in the Taylor Marsh from Washington D.Co.

I am sharing my haiku, Avarice, with Sensational Haiku Wednesday.

they voted in faith
elected by the people
but now they are owned

corporations  say
now you must listen to us
here line your pockets

your soul is now ours
forget your constituents
you do as we say

Pass Obama’s Tax Plan – Fierce Haiku

You know, income tax rates have varied over the years – but I can never recall there being such a hubbub about it.   But for the last four years the Republican party has done their best to thwart anything President Obama has tried to implement.  The first big opposition, of course, was to “Obamacare”; and they have fought tooth and nail against returning to the old tax rate “before Bush”.  I, for one, am sick of this opposition.  The majority of US voting citizens want the president to continue  programs that improve our economy, and one of the first is reversing the tax rate on those making more than $250,000.  Here is an interesting graphic on the rise and fall of marginal tax rates:

US Tax Rates (Taxes on riches/wealth)

US Tax Rates (Taxes on riches/wealth) (Photo credit: mSeattle)

In reference to Obama voter’s support here is a three-part haiku using the word “fierce”.

It was a fierce race
But now that it is over
Obama mandates

Reverse the tax rate
On the upper echelon
Majority rules

Be fierce in protest
Raise tax rate mandate speaks or
Walk on Washington

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Sunrise or Sunset ~~~~haiku

Billowing soft clouds
Tinged pink, gold and yellow
God’s hand is at work

Sunrises are beautiful – I’ve seen a few over the past fifteen years, but, being an inveterate night owl I have seen way more sunsets. And, here in Southwest Arizona there are some of the most beautiful sunsets you’d ever envision. Here are a few for you to enjoy:

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Our World Tuesday Graphic

Topock Bay, Arizona – Skywatch

Today’s photos are from Topock Bay, Arizona.  My sister-in-law and I went on a photographers’ outing and had just finished visiting Oatman, Arizona.  The day was still young so we decided to go about 21 miles further south and take some shots of the beautiful Topock Bay in the area of Five Mile Landing and Catfish Paradise.


Here are some interesting sites with information on the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge and Topock Bay:
Havasu National Wildlife Refuge
Topock, Arizona
Topock Gorge
Topock Bay, Arizona is being shared with Skywatch

Oatman, Arizona

Mountains just outside of Oatman, Arizona

Feed me! Feed me!

The wild burros are used to tourists feeding them carrots and apple slices  and eagerly stick their heads in the cars as they come in and out of town.

The town’s people are very protective of their wildlife and have put stickers on the baby burros that read: “Don’t Feed Me”…  Their digestive systems are not mature enough to be able to digest the fruits and vegetables the tourists feed their parents.

Getting ready for the Great Shoot out.

The Classy Ass Store

One of many souvenir/tourist shops in the small town of Oatman, Arizona

Oatman, Arizona

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Our World Tuesday Graphic