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Twelve Days ‘Til Christmas


My photo, taken with an iPad mini, doesn’t do this gorgeous sunset justice. I’ve never seen such a perfect blanket of rosy orange-pink before! I have become somewhat lazy about using my Canon camera since purchasing my iPad mini – its so convenient to use! But when I looked outside and saw this beautiful view I knew Orange You Glad It’s Friday would appreciate it.

Sunflower Montage

Sunflower Montage

Sure to brighten your day, a sunflower montage I did a few years ago when I had a garden of sunflowers of all different sizes and colors. I’m sharing this with Floral Friday.

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Orange You Glad It’s Friday – already?!

Once again a spectacular sunset appeared! This looks like some sort of fire dragon. And yet, it started spreading out across the whole Western sky. I’m sharing this with Orange You Glad It’s Friday and Skywatch.

Orange billows of clouds
Hanging low from the heavens
Slowly descending


Wispy orange fingers
Stretching out across the sky
Such supreme beauty


Holiday Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The prompts for today are: Season; Colorful; Weather; Silhouette; Calm. For more scavenger hunt finds go to Ashley Sisk’s Ramblings and Photos.


IMG_3408 IMG_3404 IMG_3430 IMG_3424 SB_31127117 SB_31127116‘Tis the Season – I missed the Bullhead City Holiday Parade this year, but these are photos from last year’s parade.


Suzi is trying to figure out how to turn on the light!


The cold days are yet to come.  Days are still in the low ’70s and the nights in the ’50s.


Here is our holiday living room.


Mandy is calmly waiting for Christmas and a new doggie bone.

Orange You Glad It’s Friday – or TGIF

If you want to see other fabulous orangeful photos  go to Orange You Glad It’s Friday and for more skies from around the world go to Skywatch

The other evening there was, I think, the most beautiful sunset ever – it was just awesome!



Trick or Treat!

Paint Party Friday

Been sort of down and out this week with a UTI so didn’t have the get up and go to work on my art journal. But here is an acrylic I did three years ago. I remember struggling over those trees – never have felt comfortable painting trees. But, looking at it now, I’m satisfied – isn’t that weird? Trees is the theme for October for art journaling, so this would be the perfect time for me to work on a a few pages of trees!

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Peace the Angels Sang

And the angels sang
On high to the Almighty
Peace on earth good will

Quietness arrives
Birds find their places on boughs
As night settles in

I am sharing this with Smiling Sally on Blue Monday. There are lots of blue happenings at Sally’s – go take a look!
Smiling Sally

Sunrise or Sunset ~~~~haiku

Billowing soft clouds
Tinged pink, gold and yellow
God’s hand is at work

Sunrises are beautiful – I’ve seen a few over the past fifteen years, but, being an inveterate night owl I have seen way more sunsets. And, here in Southwest Arizona there are some of the most beautiful sunsets you’d ever envision. Here are a few for you to enjoy:

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