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Seventeen Days ‘Til Christmas

Today is Scavenger Hunt Sunday¬†– which I haven’t played in at least six months! So here goes – I don’t even know what pixs I’m going to find for today. I’ll type the word, look at my most recent shots or take a new one and if no can do, will find one in my archives.

Where I Stood
Oh, I’ve lucked out on this one! Here I stood taking shots of the Atlantic Ocean and the sea gulls in Daytona Beach, Florida last October.
Seagulls and Shadow-001

These have silvery squares, even though they are mirror mosaic tiles. My daughter gave us this pretty set of candle votives a few Christmases ago.

I found this tiny tree ornament in the drawer, so I put it with the only Christmas decoration I’ve put out so far – Mr. Jiggly Reindeer.

In The Cupboard
My favorite cupboard to open! All sorts of tasty drinks – from Starbucks coffee to hot cocoa to chai tea – all Starbucks, of course ūüôā

Okay, here I am again, back on Daytona Beach. I was fascinated by the tire tracks on the sand. There is a certain part of Daytona Beach where you can drive your car right on the beach – pretty cool!

Where Are My Keys – Only The Shadow Knows!

Okay, here are the prompts for today’s scavenger hunt: Shadow; ¬†Keys; ¬†Smile; ¬†Unedited; ¬†Spice. ¬†For more scavenger finds go to Ashley Sisk’s at Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


A powerful swing
Landed his balls to the wall
Now to get them down

I looked up “balls to the wall” (lest you think it’s a profane saying) and found there were twenty-four definitions in the Urban Dictionary, none of which pertained to this haiku or photo. ¬†The definition here is just a play on words, nooo, I wouldn’t have guessed ūüėÜ ¬†Warning! Page one of definitions is okay, page two and three has some raunchy definitions.


This was my first mosaic project with no help or advise. ¬†I was quite happy with it, although I discovered later that without filling most of the space on the wood butterfly with glass, marbles or jewelry, I’d end up with big spaces of grout! ¬†I rubbed a little glitter glue on the grout so it wouldn’t look quite so bare.


Now I wonder who this could be? Silly girl!


This was my second choice for shadows.  Totally unedited.


The other day I decided to clean everything off the areas around my garden tub – including this wire basket which was filled with soaps. ¬† ¬†When it came time for me to take a photo for the prompt “spice”, I took down some of my most used spices and put them in this basket. ¬†I like it so much, and it makes it so easy to grab the spices I use all the time, it’s going to stay right there on the counter! ¬†Except cilantro which really doesn’t get used that much so I’ll exchange it for dried onion flakes.

Function – haiku

Believe it or not here are all the definitions of function:
1. the actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group
2. what something is used for
3. a formal or official social gathering or ceremony
4. a relation such that one thing is dependent on another
5. a mathematical relation such that each element of one set is associated with at least one element of another set
6. a vaguely specified social event\
7. perform as expected when applied
8. perform duties attached to a particular office or place or function

dainty teacups served
scent of scones wafting in air
merry mirth abounds


little nose sniffs air
tiny eyes dart to and fro
egads, a shadow!

                               Punkatawney Phil

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