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Out of the Shadow Came Spring with a Glow!

Yes, it’s that time again! Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Go visit Ashley’s blog to see more scavenger hunt finds!



Can you see the glow in the flower?



Oatman, Arizona is a very old town!  I’m reusing this photo because it’s the oldest thing I could find!



Who is that following me?



Spring is definitely here

SMILE DSC04998-2

Sparky had such a sweet happy smile!

Scavenger Hunt today, sightseeing and burros

Sharing with Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Sunny Simple Life.



We had visitors this week and took them to see Oatman, Arizona, an old gold mining town, considered to be a ghost town,  located on historic route 66.  The main drag is about two blocks long and is lined with souvenir shops, a few restaurants, and one old hotel where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon in 1939.  There are plenty of wild burro wandering around, looking for handouts from the tourist, who feed them apples or carrots.  The baby burros have stickers on their foreheads reading, “STOP!  “Don’t Feed Me”.  I was told by a local that the baby burro’s digestive system cannot handle this kind of food yet.



Now, this is a far stretch – one of the wild burros stuck his head in our car just as we were fixing to drive out of town and DH and he started chatting like crazy, I mean, they were really chatterboxes! They both chatted so much they decided they’d take a little snooze 😆




This is from my archives. Two baby bunnies giving each other comfort. I found them in the middle of my backyard around three-thirty in the morning. The mother must have been moving them from one location to another when I happened to come outside for my dog’s last pit stop before turning in.



Now, this kitchen may seem cluttered, but being that it’s my kitchen, it’s remarkably uncluttered! That’s what happens when company comes – some of the clutter disappears. But feeling so good having it look bright and airy, I thought I would share some pixs with you. Oh, note the electronics in one of the pixs along the side wall next to the refrig. I spend practically 24/7 in the kitchen, watching TV while I multi-task on the computer. And then some times I even cook!





These are my neighbor’s tree with branches hanging over on my side, so I was able to get some macros of the flower blossoms – allergyville! But pretty nonetheless.

Hope you have enjoyed the scavenger hunt today!

Here We Go! – Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Prompts for this Sunday’s Scavenger Hunt are: Recycle; Auto; People Watching; Park; Basket.  For more fun scavenger hunts go to Ashley Sisk’s Scaventer Hunt Sunday.

Recycle IMG_5163-001

This is a pair of old Bakelite salt and pepper shakers inherited from my husband’s mother. They go back to between the 1920-1940s and have just sold on eBay – so recycled!

Auto Recently Updated-001

Has anyone seen this before? It has two little dolphins in it and when it’s  plugged in and turned on it slowly rocks up and down, and the little dolphins ride the waves back and forth! After being stored for a few years I misplaced the power pack – tried two or three that I did find but none worked.  But when I was packing up our little Christmas tree with it’s power pack it dawned on my that maybe the Christmas tree power pack would work (seeing that they were both generic – made in China –  and not Sony or some other brand name.)  Voila’! It worked! Now I must remember next Christmas where the power pack is!


IMG_5145-001 I haven’t taken too many photos this week, but took this one of my angel statue in the backyard with little bricks around her and the yellow garden hippo creating my small little “park”. 🙂

People Watching


Waiting for the big day!


“Help! I’m caught and I can’t get out!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Outside, Backside, Little Things, A Cup of ….., and Reflect.  These are the words for today’s scavenger Hunt on Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday.



There are a few bushes still blooming.  These little tiny flowers are outside in my backyard.

Backside – and – A Cup of….   

IMG_5137-001    IMG_5138-001
Here’s my cup of java.

The other day I was looking up the alt keys for the copyright symbol and came across a website that was full of alt key shortcuts for many different symbols, and on the sidebar was a picture of a cup with all the alt key symbols on it. So I clicked on the cup and it took me to her Zazzle store and I thought, “Wow! This will solve my problem of always having to look up the symbols for copyright, parenthesis, and ½ plus more.  The cup had a sunflower on the other side but I already have a cup with a sunflower so, since you can customize these products, I downloaded a photo of a wild burro that I took back in 2007.

An aside story: Just this past week someone emailed me to let me know that my burrow’s name is Jackie.  She sent me some recent pixs of Jackie and there was absolutely no doubt that her photos and mine were the same burro!  She continued to inform me that when there are too many wild burros in Oatman, Arizona the True Innocents Equine Rescue comes out and takes a few back to their shelter in Riverside, California.  So I’m very proud to know my little burro has a name!  She is one of the most popular of my selling art work.  It really depends on which hand you hold the cup in whether the symbols are the backside or the frontside 🙂

Little Things


Here’s a little shadowbox I put up in my fixed up spare room.  The little girl and birds were painted and glazed by my mother when she was taking a ceramic class in the 80s.





When I go into our newly refurbished spare room I reflect over the past year, how the unpleasant experience of a flooded bathroom, hallway and closet led to new vanities, walls, and tile floors.  It took almost five months before everything was completed but we have much to be thankful for – it could have been a lot worse and we were able to upgrade our house!


‘Twas A Few Nights Before Christmas!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday is almost here!  So I’m sharing this with Ashley Sisk’s blog –Scavenger Hunt Sunday  and Mosaic Monday. By the way,  since I missed last weeks hunt I didn’t realize the prompts I was using were from last week!  So now I’m going to try and use the same pix with different prompts 🙂


10-15-2010 14-10-010

My own Santa (above) brings me joy.   DH was Santa many years ago and I was his favorite elf.  And our sweet grand-daughter,  Stephanie is a great joy (below).




What a tangle!  Here’s a Santa that talks so grumpy he makes you laugh!  And hanging a tangled up gingerbread and a snowlady weren’t too easy!


Silver – this is the best that I could do for silverIMG_5005-001

Guilty Pleasure


From the archives – eating a whole cake would definitely be a guilty pleasure!






And to all a Good Night! IMG_5025-002

Holiday Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The prompts for today are: Season; Colorful; Weather; Silhouette; Calm. For more scavenger hunt finds go to Ashley Sisk’s Ramblings and Photos.


IMG_3408 IMG_3404 IMG_3430 IMG_3424 SB_31127117 SB_31127116‘Tis the Season – I missed the Bullhead City Holiday Parade this year, but these are photos from last year’s parade.


Suzi is trying to figure out how to turn on the light!


The cold days are yet to come.  Days are still in the low ’70s and the nights in the ’50s.


Here is our holiday living room.


Mandy is calmly waiting for Christmas and a new doggie bone.

Sunday Sketch and SHS

Happy Sunday everyone!  I really didn’t think I’d be able to scavenge up enough photos to fill the prompts, but you decide if these fill the bill:


Vintage or Retro

This cake server is at least fifty maybe even seventy years old and belonged to my husband’s mother or grandmother.


Sunny is all dressed up for Halloween!


Here from my archives is a watercolor sketch I did a few years ago.  This was a still life set up in a watercolor class I was in.  That is a cake with an number eight candle on it;  so it should qualify for the cooking prompt.

Week’s Best

This sun ray plaque is hanging on one of my patio columns.  It’s my favorite this week, and besides being part of Scavenger Hunt Sunday, I’m sharing with Sunday Sketches, since I transformed my photograph into digital art.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Oh boy, I’ve found some good scavenger hunt finds right here in the house! Plus one new collage from an archived photo. Thank you Ashley for such a wonderful way to stretch one’s abilities and creativity in the art of photography and also to have a lot of fun at the same time!  If you’d like to see more interesting scavenger finds go on over to Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

The prompts for today are: Pattern; machine; signs or logos; rocks or stones; and sparkle.


I took a close-up of one small area of a crocheted purse I had, made different colors, and then created a collage.


This is our recumbent exercise bike we bought about four years ago.  I try……I really try…..really I do.. to use it regularly – or at least once a week……or at least once a month.  But here lately, I am using it more than I was 🙄

Signs or Logos

Last Christmas I gave DH this box of Harry & David Moose Munch (which was delicious!) and liked the box so much I’ve just kept it.  The little caterpillar giving it the eye is made of clay and I bought it about three years ago at a We Care Cancer Support Breast Cancer Benefit in Bullhead City, AZ.

Rocks or stones

I love rocks and stones!  These were setting in my kitchen window – along with quite a few more.  Unfortunately, I can’t give you the names of these rocks – Anybody know?


This is a wood key holder rack like the one here. But instead of pottery and glass I will use tempered glass so you will still be able to see the colors I have painted. And tempered glass will be used over the sparkle around the edges of the butterfly also and the sparkl will still shine through.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Scavenger Hunt Sunday – everyone welcome!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Water Drops or Water Flowing – Faithfulness – Then & Now – Fingertips – One item from bucket list …..

There we have the five things we must scavenge up for Scavenger Hunt Sunday .  Not such easy ones this week – at least for me!

Water Flowing



Then & Now


Bucket List – Pumpkin about to be cooked

Where Are My Keys – Only The Shadow Knows!

Okay, here are the prompts for today’s scavenger hunt: Shadow;  Keys;  Smile;  Unedited;  Spice.  For more scavenger finds go to Ashley Sisk’s at Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


A powerful swing
Landed his balls to the wall
Now to get them down

I looked up “balls to the wall” (lest you think it’s a profane saying) and found there were twenty-four definitions in the Urban Dictionary, none of which pertained to this haiku or photo.  The definition here is just a play on words, nooo, I wouldn’t have guessed 😆  Warning! Page one of definitions is okay, page two and three has some raunchy definitions.


This was my first mosaic project with no help or advise.  I was quite happy with it, although I discovered later that without filling most of the space on the wood butterfly with glass, marbles or jewelry, I’d end up with big spaces of grout!  I rubbed a little glitter glue on the grout so it wouldn’t look quite so bare.


Now I wonder who this could be? Silly girl!


This was my second choice for shadows.  Totally unedited.


The other day I decided to clean everything off the areas around my garden tub – including this wire basket which was filled with soaps.    When it came time for me to take a photo for the prompt “spice”, I took down some of my most used spices and put them in this basket.  I like it so much, and it makes it so easy to grab the spices I use all the time, it’s going to stay right there on the counter!  Except cilantro which really doesn’t get used that much so I’ll exchange it for dried onion flakes.