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Tactile Scavenger Hunt

Hi All!  Please forgive me for getting off schedule so – I think it’s a combination of not feeling up to par and trying to do too many things – and it sort of cancels everything out.  I really feel like I should be hibernating!

But today I brought my camera out and actually started “looking” for some scavenger finds for Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday. And also made a point of having something pink so I can share with Pink Saturday.

I’m still working on the pink butterfly key rack so will share it with Paint Party Friday.



I bought this sweet doll about thirteen years ago to sell on eBay but liked her so much decided to keep her. And I still love her 🙂



Butterfly with glitter22-001


 This butterfly mosaic is a WIP (on the left). For the one above I took a pix, downloaded it to computer and added some “bling” via my Artrage Studio app. I just finished visiting Diana Evans and realized that is just about what I did – a ten-minute warmup “blinging up” my WIP butterfly mosaic, so am sharing with her meme.




This is an interesting piece of furniture with a swivel top.  I’m not sure whether it is supposed to be a microwave cabinet or a computer cabinet.  But I love the different grains in the wood!




Had to look pretty hard to find something fuzzy!




This is a close-up of a green placemat I bought.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Outside, Backside, Little Things, A Cup of ….., and Reflect.  These are the words for today’s scavenger Hunt on Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday.



There are a few bushes still blooming.  These little tiny flowers are outside in my backyard.

Backside – and – A Cup of….   

IMG_5137-001    IMG_5138-001
Here’s my cup of java.

The other day I was looking up the alt keys for the copyright symbol and came across a website that was full of alt key shortcuts for many different symbols, and on the sidebar was a picture of a cup with all the alt key symbols on it. So I clicked on the cup and it took me to her Zazzle store and I thought, “Wow! This will solve my problem of always having to look up the symbols for copyright, parenthesis, and ½ plus more.  The cup had a sunflower on the other side but I already have a cup with a sunflower so, since you can customize these products, I downloaded a photo of a wild burro that I took back in 2007.

An aside story: Just this past week someone emailed me to let me know that my burrow’s name is Jackie.  She sent me some recent pixs of Jackie and there was absolutely no doubt that her photos and mine were the same burro!  She continued to inform me that when there are too many wild burros in Oatman, Arizona the True Innocents Equine Rescue comes out and takes a few back to their shelter in Riverside, California.  So I’m very proud to know my little burro has a name!  She is one of the most popular of my selling art work.  It really depends on which hand you hold the cup in whether the symbols are the backside or the frontside 🙂

Little Things


Here’s a little shadowbox I put up in my fixed up spare room.  The little girl and birds were painted and glazed by my mother when she was taking a ceramic class in the 80s.





When I go into our newly refurbished spare room I reflect over the past year, how the unpleasant experience of a flooded bathroom, hallway and closet led to new vanities, walls, and tile floors.  It took almost five months before everything was completed but we have much to be thankful for – it could have been a lot worse and we were able to upgrade our house!


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The prompts – or words – for this Sunday in the Scavenger Hunt are: Monochromatic; Starts with the letter; Upside Down; Hair; and Soft.


This is my grandfather, William Henry Bolles, when he was 21 years old.

Starts With The Letter – A

Because I love angels.  This has been on my back kitchen door for about five years – one of those Christmas magnetic-type stickums to glass.

Upside Down

This little fellow was attached to the screen of my upstairs bedroom window when the weather was cool.  He would be there early in the morning, sleep all day and be gone at dusk


My nephew, the musician – I emailed him to get permission to use his pix, which he gave me.  And he sent me some pictures of his cat, Woody – I think this one is hilarious!  Good going, Joe!


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