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Sketching and Sewing on a Sunday Afternoon

Here’s my contribution to Sunday Sketches ¬†This is my grand-daughter and the household cat, Cassie. I used watercolor pencils on watercolor paper.



And here it is hanging in our guest room.



I want to share my baby doll with Sunny Simple Sundays. I went through a period a few years ago where I was making doll clothes from remnants or small articles of clothing I picked up at the thrift store or garage sales. I made this little dress for my 1968 Ideal doll (I don’t know her name – if anyone does, let me know). I found an apron with colors that I liked and a pattern that I had for dolls her size. What I did was lay the pattern on the apron in such a way that the hemmed apron was the skirt part of the dress, hence no hemming! There were a few other neat short cuts derived from starting from an article of clothing already made but I don’t remember what they were ūüôā If you are interested in this kind of sewing you might want to check Pillows a-la-Mode and The Renegade Seamstress. They both have some awesome projects and they explain how-to’s very well!







P.S. ¬†If you will notice some of my photos have a thin white line running through the middle of the picture – I don’t remember dropping my camera but can’t figure what else this can be other than a hairline crack. ¬† ¬†Hopefully, I can get it fixed ’cause I really like this camera – a Canon Powershot SD990 IS and definitely don’t like having to retouch all my pixs.

Sunny Simple Life

Sunny Simple Sunday

PPF and Orange You Glad It’s Friday

Been a busy week, what with the repairs and improvements from the water damage done last July . So far the twenty holes in the walls and ceilings are gone.   And new vanities in the bathrooms!  Next comes the new tile floors Рwhich is going to be a mess, since he has to remove the present tile floor. Dust! Dust! Dust!

For some reason workmen want to start work as early as possible – like eight in the morning! So the worst part of all this is having to become a day person when every core of my being is a night person. I can certainly count my blessings though, after what the East coast has gone through with hurricane Sandy and then a Nor’easter on top of that!

And when it’s all finished – jubilation! ¬†Brand new bathrooms and floors. ¬†We’ve lived in our hourse fifteen years and these are the first improvements since moving in. ¬†Sometimes it takes an accident (like a flood) to push one into action – in our case, making upgrades to our house, which should really pay off if we decide to sell in the near future.

So to make a long story short, I haven’t had much time or energy to think about my blog. Tonight I’ve taken some of my photography and turned it into fun art and included one of my old paintings to share with Orange You Glad It’s Friday and Paint Party Friday and Creative Every Day.



Trick or Treat!

Paint Party Friday

Been sort of down and out this week with a UTI so didn’t have the get up and go to work on my art journal. But here is an acrylic I did three years ago. I remember struggling over those trees – never have felt comfortable painting trees. But, looking at it now, I’m satisfied – isn’t that weird? Trees is the theme for October for art journaling, so this would be the perfect time for me to work on a a few pages of trees!

Sharing with Paint Party Friday and Orange You Glad It’s Friday. And Sunday Sketches.



Art for Art’s Sake

Have you ever heard of ArtRage Studio? It is a terrific art program – the best that I’ve tried yet. ¬† Several bloggers responding to my query as to what programs seem to work fairly easy,¬†Carlarey suggested ArtRage. They have a free 30-day trial which I promptly downloaded.

The landscape painting I did with the demo. But I enjoyed it – and was so excited – that I downloaded the less than thirty dollar ArtRage Studio. They have one that is a little more advanced for about forty or fifty dollars. The petunias I am still working on (WIP)and I’m using the full ArtRage Studio program.

It has mega choices in brush strokes, application of paint, other implements, all sorts of fun tools – like glitter, confetti, sprinkles, star glitter, dice, etc. (see last picture). If you have any desire to paint but don’t want to mess with paints, brushes, and all the other tools necessary to get started, get this program. It’s very easy and there is an endless variety of ways you can be creative with it.

Creative Every Day</a
Paint Party FridayOrange You Glad Its Friday

Sunday Sketch – flowers

Thanks everyone for your responses to my query re art programs that really work and aren’t too hard to master. ¬†Carlarey mentioned ArtRage Studio, so I’m giving it a try – and here is the first one I came up with. ¬†It is a combination of ArtRage and Picasa. ¬†I’m sharing this with Blue Chair Diary Illustrations¬†Sunday Sketches.

Sunday Sketches


Orange as in Flower as in Autumn!

Fall gold and yellow
Shines across lake reflections
Crispy autumn air

Here is a touch of orange for Orange You Glad It’s Friday. This is a Mexican Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) we have growing in our backyard.

And for Paint Party Friday I took the photo above , put it in my Corel Painter Essential and experimented with the different brushes and textures; then on to Picasa where I added a few outer embellishments. Still pretty dull. What kind of paint programs are out there that some of my fellow artists find rewarding Рand not to complicated?


Sunflowers by Muriel Sigretto 1910-2010

©L. Grimley

Orange you glad it’s Friday is a brand new meme, just started today and I’m ¬†happy to be taking part in it.

What I’m sharing today is a painting my mother did in the ’70s. ¬†Her name is Muriel Bolles Sigretto Thompson – but she always used the name Sigretto on her paintings. ¬†She comes from a line of painters – her cousins, mother, sisters and brother, and now me, her daughter, and from what I hear, my grand-daughter, Stephanie, is very interested in drawing – mostly horses, of course, since she has two of them and loves them greatly .

Sunflowers is an oil on canvas and it has a lot of texture since mother threw in a lot of sand to build up the centers of the flowers.  Muriel passed away December 14, 2010 at the ripe old age of 100.5 years.  She was still keeping her hands busy even when she was 97!



Paint Party Friday – Baby Llama

This is baby llama I drew on an art card several ¬†years ago. ¬†The camera I had at the time did not have many pixels and, being the small size it was, when I posted it on my art store the largest size print that could be made was 7″x10″. ¬† Here’s a silly haiku (if you can call it that). ¬† Happy Paint Party Friday!

Baby llamas spit
Just how far can their spit go
Better duck anyhow

and if you like limericks – here’s another silly one:

There was a baby llama
Who loved his sweet dear mamma
Until one day
In a quizzical way
She asked why’s your tail like a comma?






I’m ¬†quite attached to this little roadrunner. ¬†He/she (haven’t learned how to tell them apart) has been coming around since a little baby. ¬† There are quite a few roadrunners in the neighborhood here in the low desert of Arizona. ¬†They are attracted to the mesquite trees in my yard. ¬†In fact, lots of birds are attracted to the shade of these large trees, and if you were to go walking under them at night a few half dozen startled birds would fly out of their roosts! ¬†Click here¬†¬†if you’d like to learn a few facts about them and hear what a roadrunner sounds like (they don’t actually go beep! beep! like in the cartoons).

A few years ago I took part in an ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals)art project on Wet Canvas.com painting or drawing on 2.5″x3.5″ cards. ¬†When I decided to draw a roadrunner I looked all over the Internet but really couldn’t find a satisfactory pix of a roadrunner. ¬†Well, now if anybody is looking to do a good rendering of a roadrunner I give permission to use my digital photograph as a model, BUT will reserve rights to photography and prints of digital photograph.

I like to use Picasa to edit and be creative. ¬†Sometimes a “happy accident” will happen – just as it does when painting! ¬†Something will happen that you didn’t intentionally execute, but – say – it doesn’t look too bad!