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Paint Party Friday Time!

It’s been awhile since I’ve contributed to PPF.  But, hopefully now that we are in a new year, holidays are behind us,  and reparations on my home are done I can concentrate on some artistic endeavors.  I just started back to the church arts and crafts group and we were sitting around talking about what kind of project we wanted to start.  One lady is partial to fabric crafts, another likes watercolor and two of us are sort of undecided.  I’m leaning towards mosaic projects – maybe decorating some spring flower pots for the church tables – or maybe some more bird houses or mosaic key racks.


As we were discussing our next project I did a  still life contour drawing of some flowers on the table.  After downloading into computer I tinted them.  But actually, this will be a work in progress as I plan to color with watercolor or colored pencils.

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Baubles and Beads

Here is a Macro Mosaic of a couple of paperweights I made with glass marbles, beads, pebbles and glitter.  They are arranged and glued onto a large river rock.

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Out-of-the-Garden II and a tanka too

Here is a mosaic of some of the vegetables out of my gardens from the past.  I simply can’t wait until the weather cools down and work can begin on my square foot gardens. I’m chomping at the bit – raring to go! When I look at these fine vegetables I wonder how and why I ever stopped gardening in the first place.

Well, I really know why – the dearth of growth the last two seasons because of the hot weather coming too soon in the season, like two seasons ago it was over 100F for two weeks in April!

And just when my tomato plants were starting to produce like crazy the Japan earthquake hit and then I started worrying that the Fukushima radiation may possibly be drifting into this area and affecting our gardens.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had set up monitors in different states where it was thought radiation might blow in with the Gulf Stream coming from Japan across the Pacific and into the United States

As I was preparing this post, I decided to double check some of my facts (like the monitors) since it’s been seventeen months since the meltdown in Fukushima, and what I came across dampens my spirit again and reminds me anew why I stopped gardening.  This article is in the VC Reporter and it indicates that there is really no USA or Japanese government investigation presently going on into the effects of the radiation coming out of the plant and the waters around the plant that are still traveling across the Pacific Ocean on the Gulf Stream currents.

Once again, human nature’s way of dealing with problems, if they are really big ones, ignore them, hide from them, pretend they are not there, deny them – until catastrophe strikes and the problem cannot be ignored! Oh well, now how do I segue into a better more positive frame of mind? How about a tanka?

Earth and ocean shake
Trouble brews across waters
As man bravely fights
Poison spills on land and sea
God and nature will redeem

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Smiling Sally

Southwest Desert Mosaic

This is my second mosaic/tempered glass picture that I made under the instruction of my friend, Cherie Holt.  You can see some of her beautiful mosaic and tempered glass artwork on her Flickr website: Cherie

First, I found this odd-shaped board and thought it might make an interesting form for the mosaic I had in mind.  I’d like to personally share how I made this but really haven’t done enough projects  on my own to know what the hay I’m talking about!  But there are plenty of great websites  to help you find anything you want to know about creating mosaic art.  Here is a particularly well written article by Silva Hayes: “How to Create Mosaic Art – A Guide for Beginners .  And, when you decide to get started and need some specific help, just google mosaic and a few keywords as to what you need to know (such as glue, tile, cutting mosaic, etc).  I love working with mosaic and stained glass, but I also love working with tempered glass.  If there are any questions you can’t find answers to feel free to ask me and I’ll see if I can find the answer for you.

Cherish the Moment

This is my first mosaic glass creation.  My friend, Cherie, is a very talented mosaic glass artist and last year she was kind enough to give me some lessons  after our church arts and crafts group retired for the summer.  My husband’s son, Jeff,  had called us with the devastating news that his wife, Kathyrn, had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor – one of the most malignant brain cancers there is,  glioblastoma multiforme, or GBM.  The surgeons were able to remove 99% and since then she has had many chemo and radiation treatments.

Her spirit and faith are phenomenal.  It has been one year this month that she has been victorious in her battle to survive and is looking forward to the day that their daughter, Melissa, graduates from high school.  Shortly after Kathyrn’s diagnosis I  made  this plaque for Melissa.  It’s made of tempered glass and various sea shells.

A few days ago Roy and I received a group email from Jeff’s sister, Nancy.  She has started a benefit drive   to help the family with their catastrophic health bills.  They have been blessed with many friends and family helping them with all their personal needs, but climbing out from all the medical expenses that are still oncoming has been a  downer, indeed!  Here is Nancy’s  message if anyone  would like to participate in Kathryn’s fight with  GSM.   Thanks

Kathryn Carleton Update



This was such a fun project!  The arts and crafts group at church made Easter/Springtime mosaic birdhouses for all the tables in the fellowship hall.  Our teacher, Cherie, is a fantastic mosaic glass artist as well as a great teacher!  You can buy these little wood birdhouses at most arts and crafts stores,  such as  JoAnn’s or Michael’s.  A lot of my birdhouse is covered with tempered glass. This is clear tempered glass that has been shattered and then small chunks or pieces of glass are glued onto the birdhouse – which has first been painted in bright colors.  Wherever the tempered glass is applied the color shows through.  You can even add glitter to the paint.  On one of my birdhouse projects I painted flowers and grass, but once you apply the tempered glass most of the defined flowers and grass is obscured (so don’t go crazy painting a great picture if you are going to cover with TG.    There needs to be a little space for the grout between the pieces of glass,  stones, jewelry (whatever you are applying).  The grout holds everything together nice and tight!  After the excess grout is all cleaned off,  more embellishments can be added, such as my bird and shells around the roof.