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My Trip to England – Southport

Taking the train from the Wirral to Southport is slightly more than an hours ride, transferring once in Liverpool.  The train station is conveniently located in the heart of Southport and just a few blocks from the Southport Pier.

Lord Street, Southport, England                                                                                                                      


When we reached Lord Street we browsed through a few shops and had a cup of coffee in one of the many little cafes on this attractive main thoroughfare.  Then we headed on down to the Southport Pier – show me the water!  Coming from a city that is nowhere near a large body of water the sea breeze and salty air seems to attract me more than anything else.

As we get ready to head down the half-mile pier you can see Marine Drive under the bridge, which follows the seashore.  There is a large shopping complex not far from the pier.


A tram runs back and forth on the pier so if you get weary from walking one can hop aboard the tram (for a fee).

The tide is way out with lots of beachcombers down there!  And the ice cream truck is ready and waiting for kids and parents to come buy some ice cream.

Marine Way Bridge

At the end of the pier there is a building with a fully loaded arcade, food, and restrooms with plenty of tables to sit, eat and rest before heading back.  On one side of the pier you can see the wildfowl reserve –  Ribble Estuary National Nature Reserve.

        Swans in the man-made Marine Lake.

As we head back there is music in the air as a musician entertains in the pavilion next to the pier-bridge.  People are sitting outside eating as they listen to the one-man band.  Then the roaring sound of a boat fills the air; a tour boat is just about to take off.


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