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Cactus Flowers and Hearts – Collage and Haiku

My friend, Cherie Holt, has a yard full of cactus plants.  Here is a collage of some of her photography of the beautiful flowers that these cacti produce, and a naturally formed cactus heart.  And there is a magnificent swallowtail butterfly perched on the flowers. Sharing with Random Hearts and Winged Edition.


Prickly though they be
There is a heart amongst them
Sending love to all

Perched on the flowers
yellowtail butterfly sips
nectar daintily




Light of My Life – poem

Light of my life, light of my dreams,
How art thou to mine heart?
Thy ways evolute and so dismiss
Our quantum of love divine.
What be the answer then
To questions of eternal bliss?
We go our ways ’til death do us part,
And then for a token of toil well done,
We again unite as one.
© L. Grimley

New Line of Pop Art – Love Series

I’m excited about a new line of prints I just created this past weekend. It is called the Love Series and is pop art. You can see two of the prints here, and you can go to my Fine Art America website to view the rest and, if you’d like, purchase my artwork on canvas, paper, metal, or on a greeting card.

I’m sharing my photos with Sally at Blue Monday and Creative Every Day

Smiling Sally

Entry to My Soul ~ haiku

Prompt: Creation

five till ten o’clock
time stands still tiny finger
arrives full of life

entry to my heart
sits at desk of high esteem
doctor to my soul

Medical Building

Sharing with Black and White Weekend. And sharing with Haiku Heights

Inspired by the theme at