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Sketching and Sewing on a Sunday Afternoon

Here’s my contribution to Sunday Sketches ¬†This is my grand-daughter and the household cat, Cassie. I used watercolor pencils on watercolor paper.



And here it is hanging in our guest room.



I want to share my baby doll with Sunny Simple Sundays. I went through a period a few years ago where I was making doll clothes from remnants or small articles of clothing I picked up at the thrift store or garage sales. I made this little dress for my 1968 Ideal doll (I don’t know her name – if anyone does, let me know). I found an apron with colors that I liked and a pattern that I had for dolls her size. What I did was lay the pattern on the apron in such a way that the hemmed apron was the skirt part of the dress, hence no hemming! There were a few other neat short cuts derived from starting from an article of clothing already made but I don’t remember what they were ūüôā If you are interested in this kind of sewing you might want to check Pillows a-la-Mode and The Renegade Seamstress. They both have some awesome projects and they explain how-to’s very well!







P.S. ¬†If you will notice some of my photos have a thin white line running through the middle of the picture – I don’t remember dropping my camera but can’t figure what else this can be other than a hairline crack. ¬† ¬†Hopefully, I can get it fixed ’cause I really like this camera – a Canon Powershot SD990 IS and definitely don’t like having to retouch all my pixs.

Sunny Simple Life

Sunny Simple Sunday

Paint Party Friday Time!

It’s been awhile since I’ve contributed to PPF. ¬†But, hopefully now that we are in a new year, holidays are behind us, ¬†and reparations on my home are done I can concentrate on some artistic endeavors. ¬†I just started back to the church arts and crafts group and we were sitting around talking about what kind of project we wanted to start. ¬†One lady is partial to fabric crafts, another likes watercolor and two of us are sort of undecided. ¬†I’m leaning towards mosaic projects – maybe decorating some spring flower pots for the church tables – or maybe some more bird houses or mosaic key racks.


As we were discussing our next project I did a  still life contour drawing of some flowers on the table.  After downloading into computer I tinted them.  But actually, this will be a work in progress as I plan to color with watercolor or colored pencils.

If you’d like to see more artwork go to Paint Party Friday.

Paint Party Post – Art Journal continued

Day four since starting my art journal. ¬† ¬†I’m pretty satisfied with this drawing. ¬†Drawing #2 I used watercolor pencils and the page buckled quite a bit, so in the future I think I’ll stick to drier mediums in this journal. ¬†Drawing #3 was a charcoal doodle. ¬† I really want to do some collaging, stamping and such, just hate to drag all my art supplies out again. ¬†Especially since we are expecting company second week in October and my art room is a disaster! ¬†I mean, it looks like an earthquake hit and shook everything in the room all over the place. ¬†But, not to worry, as my husband used to tell me: “it really isn’t as bad as it looks”. ¬† I’m sharing this with Paint Party Friday and Creative Every Day.

I need to get some fixative for charcoal drawings – or doodles such as this, because they sure mess up anything they come in contact with.

As you can see, the paper is all rumpled  Рand that is just with a  little water.     I had planned on having a smooth background, not streaks, but figured  to stop before the paper was a total mess!  Oh, and I just bought  what I think is a new product by Crayola Рcolored glue and  two-toned spiral glitter glue stick.  I found it handy to spread around the cut-outs to firmly hold the edges plus put a little sparkle on the page.


Lalla Palooza

Lalla Palooza
Cool, calm and collected
With demure allure
And much delight she draws men
To her like bees to honey

Here is a sketch I did today with soft charcoal. ¬† This is just a figment of my imagination and no live person, so I can call her whatever I want to, right? ¬†How about Lalla? ¬† ¬†Lalla Palooza ūüôā ¬†I would appreciate some real critiquing – like, her eyes are too close together, her head is… or proportion is… ¬†or whatever you may think is off or out of perspective. ¬†Just leave a comment – much appreciated!


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What a Party!

I’m sharing my little drawing with the Sunday Sketchers.

What a Party!

Definition of discipline (one of them):¬†train by instruction and practice; especially to teach self-control. ¬†¬†Example:¬†“Parents must discipline their children”. ¬†So I guess that is why I find it hard to pick up my sketch pad and pencil – it requires DISCIPLINE. ¬†groan. ¬†And yet when I start getting into it I don’t want to quit. ¬†That’s what is so good about
Blue Chair Diary Illustrations weekly challenge of Sunday Sketchers. It’s challenging you to sit down, pick up your pencil or brush and create!

In the seventh grade, many years ago, our orientation teacher, Miss Wood, gave us a list of words that were important to succeeding in life and we were supposed to write out the definition of each word. This was a terrible task! I knew what the words meant but I couldn’t write down what they meant. I sat there through the whole class period trying to put down on paper what I knew the words meant. The definition of these words were traits important to succeeding in the world. There were about four of them, for the life of me, I couldn’t write out a definition but the words have stuck with me (up until my memory started going on me here lately). I just remembered this one, discipline, and decided to tell this story. A few of the others were determination, perseverance and adaptable.

Work Station – Sunday Sketches

You’ve got to start somewhere, right? ¬†This is my first sketch for the¬†Blue Chair Diary Illustrations¬†Sunday Sketches. And what better to sketch than my work space – how I’d like it to look! My intentions were to sketch everything, all the mail piled on the left, ¬†and stacked in front of the TV on the right, TV remotes, pencils everywhere, scraps of paper everywhere, you name it, it’s there.

After sketching the main ingredients I started running out of steam so the brilliant idea came to me, why not sketch my work station like I’d like to be able to keep it? Clear, not messy – ha! I’ve tried that so many times – like, over and over and over. It only takes one day, maybe two and then it looks like I’ve never ever cleaned it. Anyone else have that problem? What’s the answer? Oh well, here is my desk which is located in my big kitchen. It’s pretty nice because it is large enough to hold my printer, tower, computer, and TV with multiple drawers on each side.

And, of course, I was tuned into the Blue Chair Diary Illustrations so decided to sketch that on the computer. I’m really looking forward to next week – see you then!




I’m ¬†quite attached to this little roadrunner. ¬†He/she (haven’t learned how to tell them apart) has been coming around since a little baby. ¬† There are quite a few roadrunners in the neighborhood here in the low desert of Arizona. ¬†They are attracted to the mesquite trees in my yard. ¬†In fact, lots of birds are attracted to the shade of these large trees, and if you were to go walking under them at night a few half dozen startled birds would fly out of their roosts! ¬†Click here¬†¬†if you’d like to learn a few facts about them and hear what a roadrunner sounds like (they don’t actually go beep! beep! like in the cartoons).

A few years ago I took part in an ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals)art project on Wet Canvas.com painting or drawing on 2.5″x3.5″ cards. ¬†When I decided to draw a roadrunner I looked all over the Internet but really couldn’t find a satisfactory pix of a roadrunner. ¬†Well, now if anybody is looking to do a good rendering of a roadrunner I give permission to use my digital photograph as a model, BUT will reserve rights to photography and prints of digital photograph.

I like to use Picasa to edit and be creative. ¬†Sometimes a “happy accident” will happen – just as it does when painting! ¬†Something will happen that you didn’t intentionally execute, but – say – it doesn’t look too bad!