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Can You Believe It’s Friday Already?

It seems like Friday was just a few days ago. My, how time flies when you are having fun! I am sharing with Orange You Glad It’s Friday.

Since Autumn is coming up this month I made a little Autumn Mini Bird House. It’s in my Etsy store Mosaic This And That.
And last year I made a mosaic butterfly that you can put on the wall and hang your keys on it. It took from last year to last week for me to finish it – and all that I had to do was grout it! But now I’m inspired to do some more projects. I started painting a small jewelry box today but haven’t decided whether I want to mosaic it, decoupage it, or or….. Usually I’ll start working on a piece and somewhere take a sharp turn in another direction and when it’s finished it doesn’t look anything like what I started to do. But sometimes that’s what it takes – just get started and then fresh ideas come to you!

Have a nice weekend!




Orange You Glad It's Friday

Cactus Flowers and Hearts – Collage and Haiku

My friend, Cherie Holt, has a yard full of cactus plants.  Here is a collage of some of her photography of the beautiful flowers that these cacti produce, and a naturally formed cactus heart.  And there is a magnificent swallowtail butterfly perched on the flowers. Sharing with Random Hearts and Winged Edition.


Prickly though they be
There is a heart amongst them
Sending love to all

Perched on the flowers
yellowtail butterfly sips
nectar daintily