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Can You Believe It’s Friday Already?

It seems like Friday was just a few days ago. My, how time flies when you are having fun! I am sharing with Orange You Glad It’s Friday.

Since Autumn is coming up this month I made a little Autumn Mini Bird House. It’s in my Etsy store Mosaic This And That.
And last year I made a mosaic butterfly that you can put on the wall and hang your keys on it. It took from last year to last week for me to finish it – and all that I had to do was grout it! But now I’m inspired to do some more projects. I started painting a small jewelry box today but haven’t decided whether I want to mosaic it, decoupage it, or or….. Usually I’ll start working on a piece and somewhere take a sharp turn in another direction and when it’s finished it doesn’t look anything like what I started to do. But sometimes that’s what it takes – just get started and then fresh ideas come to you!

Have a nice weekend!




Orange You Glad It's Friday

Autumn Haiku

Here is a touch of orange, autumn leaves, and a haiku! Linking with Orange You Glad It’s Friday and Creative Every Day.

Smoky smells of fire
Heaps of brittle brown leaves
Crisp cool autumn air

Falling leaves of red
Raining leaves of golden hue
Time to get the rake




Haiku Wednesday – Fresh

glorious colors
scent of autumnal flowers
crispness in the air

fresh from the market
shades of burgundy and red
with touch of yellow

There are more haiku over at Sensational Haiku Wednesday!

Join the fun!

Orange as in Flower as in Autumn!

Fall gold and yellow
Shines across lake reflections
Crispy autumn air

Here is a touch of orange for Orange You Glad It’s Friday. This is a Mexican Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) we have growing in our backyard.

And for Paint Party Friday I took the photo above , put it in my Corel Painter Essential and experimented with the different brushes and textures; then on to Picasa where I added a few outer embellishments. Still pretty dull. What kind of paint programs are out there that some of my fellow artists find rewarding – and not to complicated?