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Can You Believe It’s Friday Already?

It seems like Friday was just a few days ago. My, how time flies when you are having fun! I am sharing with Orange You Glad It’s Friday.

Since Autumn is coming up this month I made a little Autumn Mini Bird House. It’s in my Etsy store Mosaic This And That.
And last year I made a mosaic butterfly that you can put on the wall and hang your keys on it. It took from last year to last week for me to finish it – and all that I had to do was grout it! But now I’m inspired to do some more projects. I started painting a small jewelry box today but haven’t decided whether I want to mosaic it, decoupage it, or or….. Usually I’ll start working on a piece and somewhere take a sharp turn in another direction and when it’s finished it doesn’t look anything like what I started to do. But sometimes that’s what it takes – just get started and then fresh ideas come to you!

Have a nice weekend!




Orange You Glad It's Friday

Cherish the Moment

This is my first mosaic glass creation.  My friend, Cherie, is a very talented mosaic glass artist and last year she was kind enough to give me some lessons  after our church arts and crafts group retired for the summer.  My husband’s son, Jeff,  had called us with the devastating news that his wife, Kathyrn, had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor – one of the most malignant brain cancers there is,  glioblastoma multiforme, or GBM.  The surgeons were able to remove 99% and since then she has had many chemo and radiation treatments.

Her spirit and faith are phenomenal.  It has been one year this month that she has been victorious in her battle to survive and is looking forward to the day that their daughter, Melissa, graduates from high school.  Shortly after Kathyrn’s diagnosis I  made  this plaque for Melissa.  It’s made of tempered glass and various sea shells.

A few days ago Roy and I received a group email from Jeff’s sister, Nancy.  She has started a benefit drive   to help the family with their catastrophic health bills.  They have been blessed with many friends and family helping them with all their personal needs, but climbing out from all the medical expenses that are still oncoming has been a  downer, indeed!  Here is Nancy’s  message if anyone  would like to participate in Kathryn’s fight with  GSM.   Thanks

Kathryn Carleton Update