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My Trip to England – the Wirral


This is part two of My Trip to England. I took loads of photos of the many lovely areas in the Wirral. The only problem is, I’m not sure that I remember where each photo was taken. Hopefully, my English friend, Robert, who lives in the Wirral, will recognize where each photo was taken and correct me if I get the village wrong! That’s why I’ve decided to make this blog all about the Wirral, instead of each town separately.

What and where is the Wirral?

The Wirral is located in northwest England across the Mersey River from Liverpool and consists of many towns and villages. The peninsula is approximately fifteen miles long and seven miles wide. The Merseyrail, a commuter train, runs through many of these small towns. I love the train system in England! Oh, that we had a train system running in the US like this! I only had to walk about a block to the train station and then travel to New Brighton, West Kirby, Wallasey Village, Port Sunlight, Bidston, Birkenhead, and more, most in the matter of minutes. The same trains would travel in the other direction across the river to Liverpool, Crosby, Southport, and many other little towns.

First, let’s get on the train at the Birkenhead North station and travel to  New Brighton.

New Brighton, England

New Brighton, England

New Brighton, England

New Brighton, England

New Brighton, England

One of six mermaids lining the streets of New Brighton, part of the
Mermaid Trail.




Fort Perch Rock is a coastal defence battery built between 1825 and 1829.



One of three cast iron shelters made in the late 19th century.


Black Pearl pirate ship, an art installation, constructed mostly with drift wood.

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Going! Going! Gone!

I stopped into the local auction house that just started about a month or so ago to put up some flyers on an auction I’m having in a few weeks on my inherited modular home.  Wish me luck everybody!   But as I was looking around there in the corner was a box full of goodies! Mosaic marbles, accent marbles, small bag of tiny seashells, and polished river rock.  This will be great for some mosaic art projects at our church arts and crafts group.  So far we’ve made paperweights, birdhouses, butterfly keyholder, and one of my paperweights looked really dorky – so I glued it on a small piece of wood and added a head, feet and a tail to make a turtle.  If any of you crafty bloggers have some suggestions to other projects we could do (or individually) leave a comment.