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Flowers, Birds and other Critters


One of the things I miss most living in the house I sold in Arizona are the bird feeders.  Besides this rugged wooden one that the little sparrows and bigger doves loved, there were several long cylindrical ones that only the smaller birds could perch on.  For awhile I had one on the ground for the doves but then the pigeons moved in – and what a mess they made!  So I had to move it to an area that was not as accessible to the pigeons.  I used to love to watch and hear the little brown towhees underneath the purple sage bushes and the feathery cassia bushes.





Here are some rare visitors – a bevy of quail.


Then I had one on top of the covered hot tub especially for the doves.  One year we went away for four months and the doves left evidence that they were awaiting our return right at the back door! Piles of it! (Unless they just wanted to get in because they could see the packages of bird seed setting on the table).


These are the blooms of the feathery cassia bushes that you can see above behind the doves.



Here is a critter you don’t see too often, as they usually live deep in the woods – a katydid.  This is the first (and only) time I’ve ever seen a katydid.  Really unusual looking!


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Twelve Days ‘Til Christmas


My photo, taken with an iPad mini, doesn’t do this gorgeous sunset justice. I’ve never seen such a perfect blanket of rosy orange-pink before! I have become somewhat lazy about using my Canon camera since purchasing my iPad mini – its so convenient to use! But when I looked outside and saw this beautiful view I knew Orange You Glad It’s Friday would appreciate it.

Sunflower Montage

Sunflower Montage

Sure to brighten your day, a sunflower montage I did a few years ago when I had a garden of sunflowers of all different sizes and colors. I’m sharing this with Floral Friday.

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The Grand Canyon, Fish and Flowers

Me thinks this will qualify for Orange You Glad It’s Friday. My son, future daughter-in-law and I visited the Grand Canyon this week. I’ve lived in Arizona for sixteen years and this is my first time visiting the Grand Canyon! Has that ever happened to you – visiting some tourist attraction in your town when some of your relatives or friends come into town even though you’ve lived in said town for many years and never gotten around to seeing one of the main attractions in your state!

The Grand Canyon is absolutely awesome! Spectacular views in every direction. Unfortunately, the altitude affected me and I probably won’t venture to high heights again since it’s the second time I’ve succumbed to altitude sickness.

We had lunch at the Colorado Belle in Laughlin, Nevada. There is a moat around the front of the Colorado Belle and its loaded with Koi! You can feed the fish for a quarter’s worth of fish food – which creates a feeding frenzy which even the ducks like to participate in!


Since it has just turned Saturday here is a beautiful pink flower for Pink Saturday


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Out of the Shadow Came Spring with a Glow!

Yes, it’s that time again! Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Go visit Ashley’s blog to see more scavenger hunt finds!



Can you see the glow in the flower?



Oatman, Arizona is a very old town!  I’m reusing this photo because it’s the oldest thing I could find!



Who is that following me?



Spring is definitely here

SMILE DSC04998-2

Sparky had such a sweet happy smile!

As 2012 Ends Looking Back at Some Memorable Moments and Happenings

As 2012 comes to a close I have  much to be thankful for – a good husband, two wonderful loyal dogs, and two sweet fun-to-watch cats.  And then as I branch out to our children, grand-children and siblings,  I thank God for all His blessings  – as, indeed, all our loved ones are blessed and blessings!  We have lost one dear one: Kathryn, our daughter-in-law – much too early, as her daughter, Melissa, is only twelve.  So her dear daddy, Jeff, has a big responsibility of being a single parent.  But she is surrounded by some great influences – her aunts from both sides of her family!

And then, of course, I started my blog last May which means my family has grown even more!  Here are photos highlighting some of the memorablel events and joys of 2012.


In January, not long after Christmas, I took Mandy in for her dog shots and checkup and while waiting to see the vet I started talking to the little kitty cat in the carrier next to me.  She was beautiful! The owner asked if I’d like to have her.  It turned out Roger helps society by trapping feral cats, neutering them, and returning them back into the wild.  But this particular cat was a borderline feral cat.  She was found with five other kittens, two mother cats and several big dogs living in someone’s backyard.  In other words, someone owned all of them, but they all were strictly outdoor animals – and the cats ate canned dog food!  Even the kittens ate the dog food which does not have the nourishment a cat needs to grow properly. So the owner agreed to let Roger take the kittens to be neutered and try to find homes for them.

When Mandy was finished getting her checkup and shots I went to pay my bill and there was Roger with the beautiful cat paying his bill!  We talked some more and I decided to get Sunny (as we named her later) for my husband, as our other cat, Suzi, would not go near Roy and this cat was so friendly I couldn’t resist not getting her!  It turned out Roger only lived one block away from me.   When  I brought Sunny home and Roy met her – and held her – he was elated, too!

She has grown tremendously since a year ago!  She is twice as long as Suzi now and not at all afraid of Roy.  And it turned out that Sunny is a mouser – or – better yet, she likes to catch any little varmint she finds!  So no more bugs – Yay!


In Spring I was fortunate to find, after my breast biopsy, that everything is A-okay, no cancer just some fatty tissue (like I don’t have enough fatty tissue elsewhere!).   And my vision has improved greatly in one eye after cataract surgery.  Hopefully in the first part of 2013 the other cataract will be removed and then my vision will be great!

Home is where the heart is – and I love being at home!

And then the fun began – with the great leak that flooded parts of the house and took over four months to repair all the damage done by the water. Of course several truly big floods (hurricane Sandy) happened not too long after that which put everything in perspective for me.

And the good that came out of it was: a new bathroom vanity fitted for Roy and his wheelchair and tile floors in the bathroom and hallway instead of carpet! Yay again!

When I started my blog in May the main purpose was to get the word out that my deceased mother’s home was up for sale – and I planned on having a silent auction. So my first blog was her house and a description of how the auction would work. To make a long story short, no one came to the auction, which was held two days all afternoon.

In Fort Mohave, Arizona    BUT, I kept getting calls from a lady in California (Mom’s house is here in Arizona) wanting to take part in the auction, but had to tell her no since only interested buyers who came to the house could participate in auction. After a people-less auction I called her back, she came to Arizona and bought the house! So thankful!

Shortly after starting Home Is Where The Heart Is I discovered the fun of connecting with other bloggers through memes or parties – especially paint and photo blogs! Joining with other fellow artists and photographers has increased my productivity, and hopefully improved some of my art and photography skills.


Sketch of my favorite cup.

Sketch of a Snoopy-type dog.

Mandy Dear sweet Mandy – going on fifteen this year.

Fabulous Arizona Sunset

IMG_4681-002.  Started art journal – here’s a collage.

And now the year’s end is here.  What will 2013 bring?  I still feel the warmth of the holiday season – and wish it would last all year!  May all my blogger friends and followers have a very Happy Year – and may God bless you all and bring you much happiness and love!

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Orange You Glad It’s Friday – already?!

Once again a spectacular sunset appeared! This looks like some sort of fire dragon. And yet, it started spreading out across the whole Western sky. I’m sharing this with Orange You Glad It’s Friday and Skywatch.

Orange billows of clouds
Hanging low from the heavens
Slowly descending


Wispy orange fingers
Stretching out across the sky
Such supreme beauty


Arizona, oh Arizona!

Arid low desert
Mountains with sunny blue skies
Rising to the sun

Aware of the heat
Best to gaze from cool inside
Looking out window

Spirit Mountain, Nevada viewed from Bullhead City, Arizona

Arizona mountains seen from Laughlin Ranch in Bullhead City, Arizona

Arizona mountains

Mohave Valley,  Arizona – California mountains in background

This is a response to Artsyville’s meme “What do you like about where you live”?
I’ve lived in the low desert of Arizona, just five miles from the Colorado River, with Nevada five miles to the West and about ten miles from Needles, California to the southwest since 1997. When my husband and I moved here from Northern California we would often remark when going to town on errands, “this is just like being on vacation”. Traveling on the main highway, the traffic is light, the mountains are off to the left and to the right. For people who live on the East coast and have never been out West: the mountains out here are like giant hills of rock and sand – not like the grassy green mountains on the EC. But, they are still enjoyable to look at, particularly with the vastness of the horizon and the clear blue skies – yup, the wide-open spaces! Fort Mohave has a population of about 15,000 and the neighboring city of Bullhead City has a population of about 39,000+.

I like the weather here for about eight months out of the year with temps in the mid-70s to low 40s. Now the summer months are something else! Usually by May the temperatures have reached 100F and by July are in the teens – like 113-119F and then August gets in the 120s on some days. That’s when I choose to stay in the house and blog, make art, play WWF on Facebook, and generally anything that will take me away from housework :). When first moving here, like the first six years, I tended to stay at home and do my own thing. Then I moved my mother here from Cape Cod when she was 92. She also is an artist; so I enrolled both of us in the local art organization. I did this mainly for Mom, so others could see what a great artist she is (was). But it turned out to be one of the best moves I had made since moving here. That is when my art world opened up to me through acquaintances and friends in the community and the community college.

To make a long story short, “What do I like about where I live”? By far, the wonderful friends that I have made over the past nine years, both in the art community, my local P.E.O. chapter, and the church community.

Sorry, I have to mention, if you were wondering what kind of entertainment might be available out here in the low desert – right across the river in Nevada is the town of Laughlin, which is a mini-scale Las Vegas, with plenty of casinos. If you don’t care to gamble, all of the casinos have fabulous restaurants and buffets to choose from. And ninety miles away is Las Vegas where we go every now and then to visit my brother and sister-in-law and doctor visits.

Topock Bay, Arizona

Oatman, Arizona

Needles Mountains in Needles, California

Mountains outside of Las Vegas, Nevada

View from my backyard.

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Sunrise or Sunset ~~~~haiku

Billowing soft clouds
Tinged pink, gold and yellow
God’s hand is at work

Sunrises are beautiful – I’ve seen a few over the past fifteen years, but, being an inveterate night owl I have seen way more sunsets. And, here in Southwest Arizona there are some of the most beautiful sunsets you’d ever envision. Here are a few for you to enjoy:

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Topock Bay, Arizona – Skywatch

Today’s photos are from Topock Bay, Arizona.  My sister-in-law and I went on a photographers’ outing and had just finished visiting Oatman, Arizona.  The day was still young so we decided to go about 21 miles further south and take some shots of the beautiful Topock Bay in the area of Five Mile Landing and Catfish Paradise.


Here are some interesting sites with information on the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge and Topock Bay:
Havasu National Wildlife Refuge
Topock, Arizona
Topock Gorge
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Sing Mountain Sing!

Orange You Glad It’s Friday

This is a photograph I took of a mountain just outside of Oatman, Arizona and then used some creative magic  to make the mountains and terrain sing with color!  To see more inspiring photos or paintings go to Orange You Glad It’s Friday.

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