My name is Lessandra.  I love  Facebook,  blogs, Words with Friends, email,  and my artist websites: Mosaic This and ThatSunSuzie Designs, and Fine Art America , and now – WordPress.com.

When I started Home Is Where The Heart Is  in May 2012  my intentions were to post mainly about my interests in art, cooking, and photography; but it seems I’ve returned to my interest in writing and poetry.  This seems to be a recurrent theme in my life: intense interest in a certain form of art – and then just as fast as one interest comes into my life, the interest disappears, only to be replaced with another form of art (usually a return to a prior interest).  Stay tuned!

Postscript – September 22, 2012
I just want to thank all of you that have commented on my About page. I very seldom look at this page and it’s only when one of my fellow bloggers leaves a comment stating they have visited About – or if I catch it on the comment page. So once again, a big Thank you for visiting!! 🙂

Catch-up time! December 5, 2013
Well, it’s been six months since my last blog and some of you may be wondering if I dropped off the earth. No, it’s just been a trying year. In February my husband, Roy, was in the hospital for a week with congestive heart failure and in March our dear pet, Sparky, died at the ripe old age of 14+ years. The end of June we drove to Florida for five months to check out the area for possibly “retiring” since my daughter and grand-daughter live there. It was some trip! Over 2,200 miles, me, my husband, his wheelchair, our little 16-year-old dog, Mandy, and two pet cats, Sunny and Suzie in our 2007 Honda Accord. I put a roadbag on the roof, but the fourth day on the road, after much stopping, checking and readjusting this heavy load, I took it off and shipped contents. Our trip went much smoother after that.

In August I flew from Florida to Columbus, Georgia for my son’s wedding. The day after arriving I got a call from the vet where Mandy was boarded – Mandy was having seizures, grand mal type. So distressing, heart wrenching. Finally, since it didn’t look like she was going to come out of them, my daughter and grand-daughter went to be with her when she was put to sleep. Unbelievably heart-breaking since neither of us could be with her at that time.

Roy’s health seemed to get better, then worse. Then in October he went to doctor for a follow-up visit and he promptly told me to take him right to the hospital because he was in congestive heart failure again. Another seven days in the hospital. We planned to stay in Florida till January 2014, but the lady that bought the manufactured home I inherited from my mother was evicted from the park and I had to repossess my property. Knowing that I’d have a lot to do fixing it up again and reselling – and we talked about putting our big house on the market so we could move to Florida, we decided to return to Arizona early.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll stick to my beloved blog since DH is slowing losing his ability to even stand so it’s still touch and go with his health problems. But the holiday spirit is moving me! So I will do my best to at least turn out two or three posts. May the Spirit of Love be with you!


UPDATE: March 4, 2015     Thank goodness it was necessary to return to Arizona in November because Roy was slowly becoming sicker until he had to go into hospital in January 2014 after he fell out of his hospital bed at home.  He was moved from the hospital to rehab/care center to home – where he fervently wanted to be.  Five days after taking him home he passed.  I miss him terribly.  But, now, after one year, I am more at peace and the horrible grieving has lifted.  The sadness comes and goes but life goes on!  So I am going to try again to get my blog up and running!


UPDATE TIME AGAIN! March 3, 2017 It has been a fascinating two years since I last updated – a lot has happened: After my husband died in Feb. 2014 I moved to Florida and immediately joined a few wonderful women’s service clubs – P.E.O. and GFWC of Ocala. Such a large wonderful group of women to interact with, share and enjoy experiences with was a great balm to my soul as I grieved for my late husband.

Then in late March 2016 I flew to Scotland by myself and stayed six months in Perth, Scotland, renting a flat and acting like a resident. It was a wonderful place to live! After arriving, I realized that I was on as much a spiritual journey as I was a physical sightseeing one, touching base with my past and seeing what is ahead in the future. From my home base of Perth I ventured out and about Scotland to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Glencoe, and some of the Inner Hebrides Islands. I would have liked to have stayed permanently but found after I got there it was necessary to get a visa (in addition to one’s passport) to be granted a period longer that six months. And even if I had applied before arriving I would not have qualified for any visa – not planning to work or go to school there and not planning on getting married, there was no purposeful reason for them to grant me a visa.

Oh well, so I headed back to the States after six months and decided to go live in Georgia awhile instead of returning back to Ocala (since I had given all my worldly possessions away and given up my apartment and car). Here in Georgia I live close to my son and his wife, my brother, his wife and a few others in the family, so it has been really special being so close to family again. I spent most of January 2017 visiting a few very old friends in Tennessee. Maybe I will include a blog with some photos of the beautiful places I saw. Thank you for visiting my About page – I appreciate it!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lessanra,

    You have got a great blog up here. Nice! 🙂 Thank you for following mine. I hope my blog is not too disappointing for you. Many blessings and much happiness to you, my friend. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

    • Hi Ida – The little round green circle under the date is the comment button. I’ll see if I can add something else to make it easier for folks to comment. It is nice to be “back”. Read my about page to see what I’ve been up to the past six months. Hopefully, I can stick with this….

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