My Trip to Wales – the Powis Castle

While visiting England I was fortunate enough to go to Wales three times.  The first time was rather dismal, as it rained the whole time!  Being a one-day bus tour it wasn’t a trip I could cancel – and besides, being an optimist I thought for sure the sun would come out at least once!  Nope, drizzle dreary all day.

But thankfully my friend took me twice more, both on beautiful days – and, I had the pleasure of visiting two castles!  The photos here are of the Powis Castle, or in Welsh, the Powys Castle.  This was the most impressive and beautiful castle of all the ones I visited.  The grounds were magnificent!





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4 thoughts on “My Trip to Wales – the Powis Castle

  1. Beautiful …. would you believe that we spent an entire three months in London and hardly went out of the City at all, certainly not out of England. We love every minute of our stay, but wish we could go back (sigh, so many beautiful place, so little ….). Thanks for sharing this wonder.

    • I know what you mean – last year I spent six months in Scotland and didn’t go to half as many places while there as I did the two months I was in England! But I was by myself in Scotland so only took three tours and saw Glasgow and Edinborough – but stayed in a flat in Perth, which is a lovely city! In England I stayed with a friend and he showed me all over the Wirral Peninsula and areas around Liverpool as well as Wales. I certainly hope I get a change to go again!!

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