My Trip to England – Chester

Chester  is a walled city in Cheshire, England, on the River Dee, close to the border with Wales. It is well known for its Roman city wall, the oldest and longest defensive wall system in Britain; and the Chester Cathedral Wikipedia

Chester, England

Chester Cathedral, Chester, England

Click here for the history of the Chester Cathedral, its many modifications from as far back as 1093, and  its fascinating architecture which includes all the major styles of English medieval architecture.




The Water of Life, statue by Stephen Broadbent can be seen in the cloister of the Chester Cathedral.

The city is encircled by almost two miles of city walls.  Fascinating to walk around the city from the top of a Roman wall that has been there almost 2,000 years! The Chester walls make up the most complete Roman and medieval defensive town wall system in Britain.

  One of the statues in the ARK exhibit at the Chester Cathedral.

Here is a print I bought while in Chester by local artist, John Donnelly.  This is a view of a portion of the city wall with the clock tower in the background. John has been stationed on the wall painting his views of the city for the past twenty years.

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5 thoughts on “My Trip to England – Chester

  1. Wonderful photos of Chester. I’m so bummed that we were actually in a parking garage ready to explore Chester when one of our traveling companions felt the need to move on instead of stop and explore. I’m not bitter LOL! Thanks for sharing what I didn’t get to see. I love the views!

  2. I loved this. Don’t even ever remember reading about this wonderful Cty… it must really be a great feeling to walk on that wall. I would love to go back to England sometime … we spent most of our time in London.

  3. I definitely echo VioletSky’s comment! Your photos are magnificent. I am very glad I found your blog, I believe it was via a comment you had left on Mersad’s blog.

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