My Trip to England – Liverpool

England is a beautiful country. I was fortunate enough to spend two months there, visiting a friend who was born in England and lived some of his life in England and some in Scotland.

While there, he helped me plan day tours to different areas in England, Wales and Scotland. In the next four or five blogs I will share my travels to Whitby, England; London, Wales, and a few lovely villages in Wirral with you.

Years ago I had a desire to go to England – but not as a tourist, staying in a commercial hotel, touring nonstop everyday for one or two weeks with a group of other tourists, and then flying home exhausted. No, I wanted to stay somewhere in the country where I could experience life as the English do – or as I do in my country, the USA. Sightseeing for sure, but also just hanging out at home, working in the garden, washing clothes (and hanging them on the line!), walking to the local grocery stores and experiencing life as a whole rather than just a tourist.

So, here goes! I am starting with Liverpool , which is across the Mersey River, where I lived for two months “in the Wirral”. When I asked my friend, Robert, exactly where do you live? He replied, “In the Wirral”, which, finding his British accent sometimes a wee bit hard to understand, and being a little hard of hearing, I thought he was saying “in the world”! No, seriously, what is the name of your town? And he explained that Wirral is across the Mersey River from Liverpool and is a peninsula made up many towns and villages. There are some beautiful quaint villages in the Wirral, many of them being situated along the River Mersey or the River Dee or the Irish Sea.

But, enough of the Wirral for now. Let’s get going to Liverpool!

     Lambananas – mini sculptures of the famous yellow Superlambana located on the Albert Dock.  Here is the history of the Superlambanana.

Some other attractions on the Albert Dock are the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Tate Liverpool museum,the beatles story, a tour on the Mersey Ferry, amusement rides, and plenty of cafes for a coffee or tea – or beer.

Here are some views from the Merseyside Maritime Museum Restaurant.


IMG_1987-002IMG_1983-001  IMG_1990-001


John Lennon, Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool, England

The Hard Days Night Hotel with Beatles statues adorning the building!



One of the three Dazzle ships, the Mersey ferry.  “Sir Peter’s design, entitled Everybody Razzle Dazzle, 2015 covers the Mersey Ferry Snowdrop with a distinctive pattern in monochrome and colour, transforming the vessel into a moving artwork as it continues its service. This is the third in the series of Dazzle Ferry commissions and the first to be a working vessel.


IMG_1979-001 IMG_1980-001


The Royal Liver Building, one of the “three graces”, a trio of landmarks built on the site of the former George’s Dock and referred to since at least 1998 as “The Three Graces”.

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