Art, Castle and Digs in Scotland


I spotted this wonderfully happy mural on a building in Glasgow as I was about to embark on a tour through the Highlands.


Inveraray Castle

There is actually a young family that lives here in the castle. The 2012 Christmas episode of Downton Abbey was partly filmed here.

 ca2-001                       Incastle-001


And the digs!


sc.JPG  sc1-001sc3-002.JPG


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13 thoughts on “Art, Castle and Digs in Scotland

  1. I wonder if the young people living in the castle are caretakers or heirs. I thinking living in a castle like this would be fun and a bit scary at the same time. What a big building with lots of cavernous rooms (it would be marvellous if they’re all furnished).

    • The ones we saw upstairs and downstairs had furniture or displays. The occupants are the Duke of Argyll and his family – they live in a separate part of the castle that is not open to the public. Click on Inveraray Castle just under the castle photo and it will take you to their website.

  2. Someone lives there, really, how interesting. Cool about DA being shot there. I love the mural, it’s almost an homage to My Fair Lady.

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