Once In A Blue Moon – a haiku

                                                                                                                     L. Grimley

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 Up high in the sky
Beaming smile for all to see
Once in a blue moon

First I painted Mr. Moon on yupo paper with alcohol inks,  then uploaded to computer and worked a little digital magic.

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9 thoughts on “Once In A Blue Moon – a haiku

    • Thank you. I had fun making the painting – which was my first attempt with alcohol inks; which I then put pix in computer and photo-played with. And then I created haiku. You know, about three years ago I painted another “figment of my imagination” and it looks almost just like this one. He must be an inner spirit friend – although I wonder, he looks awfully mischievous 🙂

  1. Yes, this is a lovely haiga…. All you have to do is to write the words in the image. A haiga came about in writing the characters of Chinese and Japanese and at the end of the writing the energy overflowed into an image. Some are quite free and I’ve seen them in all sorts of forms. Today photos have become a convenient place to create a haiga…. Looking at the photo you almost have this inspiration as to what the words should be. I often do collaborative haiga with poets. I may come across a haiku or a tanka I love and their words almost compel me to draw my little drawings.

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  3. I’ve only ever written one haiku, and it took 2 days and lots of erasing to get it right. It’s obviously a gift for people who are good at writing them. I did think it went super with your lovely hybrid art.

    I love using alcohol ink, but have never owned yupo paper, so wasn’t sure how it would react. It’s truly a lovely outcome.

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