My Visit To Stirling Castle

I was quite excited about visiting the Stirling Castle as I had heard it was one of the most historic castles in Scotland. If you would like to read some of the history, with some amusing events cited, there is a timeline from its beginning in 1107 through to the present day, and some other interesting facts here. (Click at top of the page for the Timeline).

Daily Record & Sunday Mail


Robert Burns scratched this poem on the window of the Wingate’s Inn after visiting the castle in 1787.





photo 50-001














photo 37-001

There are life-size figures preparing food in the Great Kitchen with displays of all the varieties of foods they would have grown and eaten in those days.


The Palace of Stirling Castle was built by King James V in the mid-sixteenth century.    There are many sculptures adorning the outside walls of the palace which represent the prosperity and greatness that his regimen would bring.

photo 56-001

The Grand Battery


photo 12-001

In the graveyard, the graves of merchants and traders are carved with signs and symbols of their craft or trade.


Statue of King Robert the Bruce  – June 24, 1214


Returning to Perth, I took some photos of the beautiful countryside from the train.

photo 11-004

photo 3-001

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