Monday Morning Macros and Blue Skies


Sharing with Macro Monday 2 and Monday Mellow Yellow
. This is a tiny jumping spider I spied on my citrus tree awhile back.






Memories of home in Ocala.  This is the community clubhouse next to the apartment I had.  Look at those billowing clouds!  That is one of the things that I love most about Florida – the beautiful fluffy clouds and blue skies.  Sharing this with Blue Monday


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7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Macros and Blue Skies

  1. Oh my gosh, My link did not come up. We have been gone all day and just returned to look at my post. I am so sorry. I have been having trouble with Mr. Linky and I will be checking this out.

    I too love the beautiful fluffy clouds and blue skies in Florida. I was raised in Miami,FL. We have friends who live in Ocala.

    Happy Blue Monday,

    • I too lived in Miami in the 50s through mid-70s. Moved back to Florida in 2014 to Ocala – until I decided to visit Scotland for awhile. No telling where I will go from here! At least bloggers were able to add their posts to your comments so no problem.

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