Flowers, Birds and other Critters


One of the things I miss most living in the house I sold in Arizona are the bird feeders.  Besides this rugged wooden one that the little sparrows and bigger doves loved, there were several long cylindrical ones that only the smaller birds could perch on.  For awhile I had one on the ground for the doves but then the pigeons moved in – and what a mess they made!  So I had to move it to an area that was not as accessible to the pigeons.  I used to love to watch and hear the little brown towhees underneath the purple sage bushes and the feathery cassia bushes.





Here are some rare visitors – a bevy of quail.


Then I had one on top of the covered hot tub especially for the doves.  One year we went away for four months and the doves left evidence that they were awaiting our return right at the back door! Piles of it! (Unless they just wanted to get in because they could see the packages of bird seed setting on the table).


These are the blooms of the feathery cassia bushes that you can see above behind the doves.



Here is a critter you don’t see too often, as they usually live deep in the woods – a katydid.  This is the first (and only) time I’ve ever seen a katydid.  Really unusual looking!


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9 thoughts on “Flowers, Birds and other Critters

  1. Hello, I love the cute Quail. I wish we saw them here. The doves are sweet. The katydid is a cool sighting, great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

  2. Nice critters!

    I do see the katydid often, at our place on Cacapon Mountain. (Which is definitely in the deep woods.) They are pretty, but also like to eat my mountain laurels.

  3. Are these Gamble’s Quail seen only in the southwest? I lived in Tucson AZ for a decade and we had the Gamble’s variety….they’re beautiful. GREAT photo!! And the doves…how funny they tried to get into the house while you were gone ’cause they saw the seed…

    Thank you so much for adding your post link! We birders at I’d Rather B Birdin’ always appreciate you participating!!

    • I’m not sure what kind they are – but I loved watching them parade around in the next door neighbors yard, Momma and a whole line of babies following her!

  4. good morning~ i LOVE that big wooden birdhouse. i can see why you’d miss that one. the cassia is beautiful. we have katydids here and they are on our house somewhere in summer usually. have a great day… thanks for dropping by my blog Saturday. hope to see you again soon.

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