OYGIF – Friday the 13th

Sharing with Orange You Glad Its Friday and Paint Party Friday. To see more orange pigment, go see OYGIF and Paint Party!


One more week till Spring!


Here’s a puzzle I made this past week; or I should say, finished, as it took me more than a week to put together!


This is a watercolor pencil drawing of my back patio overlooking the woods and lawn.  In a few months my little garden should be aburst with color – couple of hibiscus, rose bushes, Cape daisies, gladioli, and ornamental grasses and hosta.

~ Haiku~

Tender flowers bloom

Grass grows green and bright

Spring is almost here

Orange You Glad It's Friday

8 thoughts on “OYGIF – Friday the 13th

  1. Takes a special skill and patience to do those jigsaw puzzles…and that one was certainly worth the effort! Look forward to seeing your garden actually in bloom. Cheers, Stan

  2. Wow, that looks like a complicated puzzle! But so worth it – lovely garden and hummingbirds. Does it resemble your garden when in full bloom? Love the alliteration in you haiku. Very well done!

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