Last Monday in August

Sharing with Blue Monday. This is my new Florida patio – love my new umbrella with all it’s bright colors!


I went to a local high-end consignment store and found this beautiful Ikea multimedia center – photo is not too clear but it has black plexiglass sliding doors. See the picture of the giraffe with the blue background? My step-son made that for our wedding in 1987. It’s all done with cut-out paper and is really beautiful.


And this is what it looks like with the sliding doors covering the TV section – two bookcases filled with my knick-knacks and books.

apt 9-002


My new living room sofa and a couple of paintings with a touch of blue.

Smiling Sally

6 thoughts on “Last Monday in August

  1. Hi Lessandra,

    I’m happy to see you’re getting settled–especially with touches of blue. For some reason, I can’t contact you by email. Would you please email me?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. I love to see another collector! I like the book shelves filled with things you love! That kitty looks very itnerested in whatever is on the other side of the enclosure! Thanks for sharing.

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