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Last Monday in August

Sharing with Blue Monday. This is my new Florida patio – love my new umbrella with all it’s bright colors!


I went to a local high-end consignment store and found this beautiful Ikea multimedia center – photo is not too clear but it has black plexiglass sliding doors. See the picture of the giraffe with the blue background? My step-son made that for our wedding in 1987. It’s all done with cut-out paper and is really beautiful.


And this is what it looks like with the sliding doors covering the TV section – two bookcases filled with my knick-knacks and books.

apt 9-002


My new living room sofa and a couple of paintings with a touch of blue.

Smiling Sally

Orange You Glad It’s Friday?

Happy Friday, Orange You Glad It’s Friday?/

This was a spectacular sunset in Arizona just before I moved to Florida. There was a storm abrewing and it created a dramatic sunset with dark clouds above the vibrant orange.


Here are some pictures of some of the furniture that will be for sale at my estate sale (in Arizona) this fall (date to be announced later). The estate sale personnel are working overtime getting it ready. Stay tuned!




Orange You Glad It's Friday

I’m Still Here – No….. There!

Since I missed last week’s Blue Monday, I’m just going to add this onto last weeks story. And in addition, the photos here are from a wonderful visit I had with a lovely group of women from a P.E.O. Chapter in Ocala. They invited me along to Eaton Beach Restaurant on Lake Weir. It was beautiful there, don’t you think? The skies were magnificently blue with low billowy clouds. And my Mahi fish sandwich was delicious!

Eaton Beach-002

Eaton Beach3-001

This photo is from last summer at Daytona Beach

A drawing I did of my grand-daughter a few years back with cat, Cassy


It’s time for a follow-up. A fellow blogger wished me well in going forward after my husband, Roy, died. It’s been a little over five months now and our/my house in Arizona is up for sale and on July 26th, my birthday, I signed a lease in Ocala, Florida and now have a cute little apartment in a wonderful community with people of all ages – yes, I find young people and children seem to give me joy and happiness in being here!

After being widowed I figured it made the most sense to live near some of my kids, and since my daughter and grand-daughter live here we can give each other a helping hand if problems arrive – not to mention enjoying each other’s company! Now that I’m in Florida maybe the day will come and I’ll even get to meet Smiling Sally –! Of course some days, most days, I go through a little “rough” spell but then after a few tears – or a good wail – I’m moving forward again.

Here is something I found out about grief, bereavement. They are just words if you have never experienced a loss that touches your soul. But if it touches your soul grief is an inner emotion/feeling as real as shivering, crying, sneezing, jealousy, hurt feelings, etc. It can cause, what I call inner crying, where the whole body is crying internally – sort of like when you feel a sneeze welling up but it stays within and never erupts externally. I’m sharing this because I honestly had never experienced such a loss before and did not realize the painfulness of grief (even though I knew I’d grieve losing my husband I didn’t realize the physicality of the emotions expressed in grieving). But it has gotten better with each month and with the help of God and the support of my wonderful friends and relatives life will go on. And who knows what Life has to offer!

On a lighter note, I am having a super time buying new furniture and decorating my new home!

P.S. I just missed getting into Blue Monday by an hour so now I’ll have to wait till next week to post on Smiling Sally’s Blue Monday.

Smiling Sally