Eleven Days ‘Til Christmas


This year the last two of our pet dogs died – and the oldest ones at that, making this the first time in twenty-five years that we haven’t had a dog.  Mandy died in August and we sort of put her out of our thoughts and mind. But every now and then DH and I would feel so sad and lonely without any little dogs to greet us, follow us and play with us – and just be there!  So one day a few weeks ago the groomer who used to bathe and trim our dogs posted a picture of a little dog that came right to her grooming shop – Laura’s Grooming

. So she posted a photo of the little guy and I fell in love with him – so darling! After talking it over with hubby we decided to invite the little fellow home. Laura said if he wasn’t what I wanted she would take him back until she found someone that wanted him.

When I went to pick him up he practically jumped into my arms! I told Laura he must have some Jack Russell terrier in him to be able to jump like that! Well, to make a long story short, we couldn’t keep him. His energy level was super high, and DH has a multitude of ailments plus advanced age, and Buster (as we named him) would take a flying leap unto the couch – and his lap; scared the heck out of him! Then I remembered we can’t use a doggy door now because of our two kitties. Some neighbors around here let there cats out but I wouldn’t think of it with the coyotes living so close. And DH wouldn’t be able to let Buster out if I wasn’t home so, sadly, I decided (with my head) that it wouldn’t be a good idea to get a dog right now. Very sad. Maybe someone that has never had a dog for a pet won’t understand that, but anyone who has had a dog knows what I mean.

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6 thoughts on “Eleven Days ‘Til Christmas

  1. I am so sorry about the loss of your dogs. Buster is a cutie, I hope he finds a good home. I have not been without a dog and it would seem very hard to do. It will take getting use to, for sure.

  2. Sorry with your loss, i fully relate to that feeling. We always had dogs, and the last one Jopet was brought in when my nephew was just 5yrs old. Jopet was his first dog. But somehow when he was already old some unknown neighbors marltreated him, and it was traumatic for us, so we didn’t get dogs anymore now. We still remember how Jopet suffered, and we miss him.

  3. I certainly understand the sadness and pain caused by the loss of your dogs, We had been three years without a dog after the death of our beloved Gracie, when my husband brought home a little three-year-old beagle mix from the county shelter. She is fitting in nicely, even with our two indoor cats. I hope this cute little guy finds a wonderful home and you and your husband can find a new canine companion to love.

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