The Grand Canyon, Fish and Flowers

Me thinks this will qualify for Orange You Glad It’s Friday. My son, future daughter-in-law and I visited the Grand Canyon this week. I’ve lived in Arizona for sixteen years and this is my first time visiting the Grand Canyon! Has that ever happened to you – visiting some tourist attraction in your town when some of your relatives or friends come into town even though you’ve lived in said town for many years and never gotten around to seeing one of the main attractions in your state!

The Grand Canyon is absolutely awesome! Spectacular views in every direction. Unfortunately, the altitude affected me and I probably won’t venture to high heights again since it’s the second time I’ve succumbed to altitude sickness.

We had lunch at the Colorado Belle in Laughlin, Nevada. There is a moat around the front of the Colorado Belle and its loaded with Koi! You can feed the fish for a quarter’s worth of fish food – which creates a feeding frenzy which even the ducks like to participate in!


Since it has just turned Saturday here is a beautiful pink flower for Pink Saturday


Orange You Glad It's Friday


4 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon, Fish and Flowers

  1. A lot of great orange photos. Thanks for the visit! You asked if you need to have photoshop to use textures. I would suggest Photoshop elements. That is a great programs and a lot less expensive.

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