Scavenger Hunt today, sightseeing and burros

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We had visitors this week and took them to see Oatman, Arizona, an old gold mining town, considered to be a ghost town,  located on historic route 66.  The main drag is about two blocks long and is lined with souvenir shops, a few restaurants, and one old hotel where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon in 1939.  There are plenty of wild burro wandering around, looking for handouts from the tourist, who feed them apples or carrots.  The baby burros have stickers on their foreheads reading, “STOP!  “Don’t Feed Me”.  I was told by a local that the baby burro’s digestive system cannot handle this kind of food yet.



Now, this is a far stretch – one of the wild burros stuck his head in our car just as we were fixing to drive out of town and DH and he started chatting like crazy, I mean, they were really chatterboxes! They both chatted so much they decided they’d take a little snooze 😆




This is from my archives. Two baby bunnies giving each other comfort. I found them in the middle of my backyard around three-thirty in the morning. The mother must have been moving them from one location to another when I happened to come outside for my dog’s last pit stop before turning in.



Now, this kitchen may seem cluttered, but being that it’s my kitchen, it’s remarkably uncluttered! That’s what happens when company comes – some of the clutter disappears. But feeling so good having it look bright and airy, I thought I would share some pixs with you. Oh, note the electronics in one of the pixs along the side wall next to the refrig. I spend practically 24/7 in the kitchen, watching TV while I multi-task on the computer. And then some times I even cook!





These are my neighbor’s tree with branches hanging over on my side, so I was able to get some macros of the flower blossoms – allergyville! But pretty nonetheless.

Hope you have enjoyed the scavenger hunt today!

16 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt today, sightseeing and burros

  1. Man, I couldn’t think in that kitchen. I used to be a chef and couldn’t focus on tasks without a clear workspace. You must have a very creative mind.
    Those burro in the window shots are fun. Around me here in Maine-it’s the seagulls the tourists feed. Each area has its scavengers.

    • I just don’t sweat the small stuff 🙂 As long as there is a tiny space to put something. I’m usually so much into my own head I don’t see what’s around me. I do understand what you mean, though. Before I bake anything I need all three of my prep spaces perfectly clear! There were burros in three of the windows (I, the driver, kept mine shut!) – really hilarious!

    • Every time I’d look at that burro’s eyes I would start giggling – he was so funny looking! I’m glad you liked my kitchen – we had a really good time visiting there with DH’s son, daughter and grand-daughter!

  2. Love the blossoms on your neighbors tree! So pretty.

    I laughed about the baby burros with stickers on their foreheads. That would be a sight to see!

    You are brave to share pictures of your kitchen. I would have to do a lot of cleaning before I would want to do that!

    • I really don’t know what came over me 🙂 Normally I would want my counters free of “stuff” before inviting anyone in (much less publicize it on my blog!) but DH and I enjoyed our visits with family it just seemed the thing to do.

    • That is the Arizona State tree – the Palo Verde. It is beautiful but it has thorns on it, so when it’s trimmed you really have to be careful picking up the cuttings!

  3. I love the photos of the burro! I can’t believe they just walk around like that and are so friendly. Too cute! And the bunny photo is so precious. You got some great macro shots of your neighbor’s tree as well! Really pretty blooms!

    PS – Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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