Macro Monday

There are about five Cassia bushes in my back yard.  This is the first time in about three years that I can see clearly (without cataracts) with both eyes.  It is absolutely amazing the brightness of these yellow flowers!   They really are a pleasure to look at. There is no scent to speak of, but at the moment I have a citrus tree in bloom so there is a heady fragrance coming from the orange blossoms – which I love as long as I can smell them and go in the house.  It is such a powerful aroma that too long is too much!

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Cassia Shrubs and Cassia close-ups.





Above is my neighbors Palo Verde tree that hangs over my fence – which I don’t mind at all because it is a beautiful tree and attracts different species of chirping birds. It is the state tree of Arizona.

Below are the orange blossoms.  It looks like a goodly crop of them, but you never can tell; if the wind blows hard enough and strong enough it may end up bearing only one or two fruit.  I hope it produces at least a dozen fruit!




Macro Monday

3 thoughts on “Macro Monday

  1. Wow your flora is SO different from ours here in Ohio……though we have nothing yet, of course as last week was snowing!

    I once was blessed enough to happen to be driving across the state of Florida when the orange trees were in bloom and it is a heavenly scent I shall never forget. In fact I bought a little bottle of Orange Blossom perfume oil back then and had it for years.

    I should very much like to smell that again live like that before I die.

    I hope your tree produces lots of fruit for you this year! Is there something you need do to help it along?

    Thanks for your visit today!

  2. Beautiful captures, I especially like the third one down, the shallow depth of field really highlights the delicacy of the flower and the background colours are wonderful.

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