Aging Gracefully – Ha! Haiku

Getting old is an amazing phenomena! I mean, only a person my age can understand how one feels when they reach the “golden years” of mid-70s through 80s. Of course, I’m speaking from my own viewpoint, but having talked to many a person in there late 70s to mid-80s there seems to be universal agreement that it’s an awesome wonder at how we reached such an advanced age! Especially since it was just yesterday (so it seems) that we were in our teens. To a younger person this may seem a trivial or just a passing thought, but to someone my age this is a feeling that is lived each and ever day, usually while in the bathroom staring at that person in the mirror – or at least once a week.

Today on the church bulletin a friend’s birthday was mentioned. After services we had our usual coffee get-together and another friend and I went up to wish her a happy birthday – and then asked how old she was. I figured she was around 82, but it turned out she is now 85! To my eyes she is a well-preserved, hardy, stand-up-tall 85-year-old. But probably to a younger person she looks pretty old. When I arrived home I told my husband it was my friend’s 85th birthday. It’s hard to believe that so many of my friends are in their 80’s! What am I doing running around with a bunch of 80-year-olds?! I remember when mother first moved here at 92 years of age. She absolutely refused to live with me – or my out-of-state brothers, so we checked out all the assisted living facilities. We’d go in, look around, and she’d turn and head on out the door, saying, “I’m not going to live with a bunch of old people”!

Well, I don’t want to belabor this subject, but, oh, one other thing that has changed in my advanced years – even from just one year ago. My face. It had always been my belief that, sure, wrinkles come with age – so what! No way would I even think about plastic surgery to uplift, smooth away, cut away, eradicate or any other type of cosmetric surgery. Hmmm, where did all these wrinkles come from in the last six months??? This will not do! Somehow, I’ve got to get rid of them. Yes, surgery sounds tempting – just a slight nip and tuck under the chin…… no, not worth the pain nor the chance that more wrinkles will follow! But maybe something else – Prep H? Flour and water? I guess the most painless and the best solution is to stop looking at myself in the mirror! I can remember a few years back when driving my mother to the hearing doctor she stopped looking in the visor mirror, turned to me, and said, “Sandra, I want to go to the doctor”. And I said, “What for Mom”? Mother pulled the skin under her chin taut and replied (at 96-years-old), “I want him to get rid of these wrinkles”!

So it is what it is – aging gracefully with a lot of internal dialogue going on that would flabbergast a youngster!

Old Age-002

Inertia sets in
Wrinkles pile up, body sags
But onward we go

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7 thoughts on “Aging Gracefully – Ha! Haiku

  1. oh, such wisdom here… i loved what you said about running around with a bunch of 80 year olds. Growing old IS difficult, there are no 2 ways about it. I’ve noticed (in the past year or so) a few un-welcomed changes in myself (extra wrinkles, saggy chin, crows feet on my eyes that look more like crevices…) đŸ˜‰ I hope those who see me see PAST all that superficial stuff and go straight to my heart. And if they don’t, they’re missing out. I’ll bet you can say the same about yourself. You have a wonderful perspective and from what i read here, you got it from your lovely mother… So precious… xox

    • It tickles me when someone in their late 40s thinks they are getting old đŸ™‚ and makes me feel ancient! But I’m still just a kid at heart – and that’s pretty wonderful!

  2. This is a marvelous post ~ I used to teach Developmental Psychology and so taught the whole life cycle ~ and Aging ~ It seems to come so quickly and I was taught to respect my elders as they used to say ~ and this world now does not seem to do so ~ Everything seems youth, youth and more youth ~ so have learned to love and respect myself and respect the aging process ~ and enjoy the now ~ Thank you for your wisdom ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ (A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^ on Blogger

    ps. I don’t seem to have your email so can not send you an appropriate thank you for what I won on your blog ~ the lovely photo and haiku matted and framed ~ a treasure.

  3. The clerks in my local grocery store treat me with respect – “can we take your groceries out?”, they ask in a solicitous voice. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me – then I remember, oh yeah, I have white hair and some wrinkles, so they think I’m old. đŸ˜†

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