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Tactile Scavenger Hunt

Hi All!  Please forgive me for getting off schedule so – I think it’s a combination of not feeling up to par and trying to do too many things – and it sort of cancels everything out.  I really feel like I should be hibernating!

But today I brought my camera out and actually started “looking” for some scavenger finds for Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday. And also made a point of having something pink so I can share with Pink Saturday.

I’m still working on the pink butterfly key rack so will share it with Paint Party Friday.



I bought this sweet doll about thirteen years ago to sell on eBay but liked her so much decided to keep her. And I still love her 🙂



Butterfly with glitter22-001


 This butterfly mosaic is a WIP (on the left). For the one above I took a pix, downloaded it to computer and added some “bling” via my Artrage Studio app. I just finished visiting Diana Evans and realized that is just about what I did – a ten-minute warmup “blinging up” my WIP butterfly mosaic, so am sharing with her meme.




This is an interesting piece of furniture with a swivel top.  I’m not sure whether it is supposed to be a microwave cabinet or a computer cabinet.  But I love the different grains in the wood!




Had to look pretty hard to find something fuzzy!




This is a close-up of a green placemat I bought.

Here We Go! – Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Prompts for this Sunday’s Scavenger Hunt are: Recycle; Auto; People Watching; Park; Basket.  For more fun scavenger hunts go to Ashley Sisk’s Scaventer Hunt Sunday.

Recycle IMG_5163-001

This is a pair of old Bakelite salt and pepper shakers inherited from my husband’s mother. They go back to between the 1920-1940s and have just sold on eBay – so recycled!

Auto Recently Updated-001

Has anyone seen this before? It has two little dolphins in it and when it’s  plugged in and turned on it slowly rocks up and down, and the little dolphins ride the waves back and forth! After being stored for a few years I misplaced the power pack – tried two or three that I did find but none worked.  But when I was packing up our little Christmas tree with it’s power pack it dawned on my that maybe the Christmas tree power pack would work (seeing that they were both generic – made in China –  and not Sony or some other brand name.)  Voila’! It worked! Now I must remember next Christmas where the power pack is!


IMG_5145-001 I haven’t taken too many photos this week, but took this one of my angel statue in the backyard with little bricks around her and the yellow garden hippo creating my small little “park”. 🙂

People Watching


Waiting for the big day!


“Help! I’m caught and I can’t get out!

Whirling Dervish

Today I’m sharing with Orange You Glad It’s Friday

Here is a figurine I inherited from my mother – it’s a whirling dervish. Rather than explain why dervishes whirl, has good information.  And here is a video of The Sufi Whirling Dervishes of Istanbul.


English: Followers of the Sufi Mysticism. Two ...

English: Followers of the Sufi Mysticism. Two different groups give concerts at the Sirkeci Railway Station in Istanbul on different days of the week. One hour session starts with a Sufi concert and is followed by the ceremony called Sema. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







 You Glad It's Friday

Protected By Angels

Go to Sensational Haiku Wednesday for more haiku (prompt today is revisited) and ABC Wednesday for more posts on the beginning of the twelfth round of the alphabet – A! A is for angels.

Memories from past
Bring thanksgiving for angels
From our God above

King James Bible – Psalm 91:11
For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.


Out of a sound sleep I bolted upright. Just before awaking I saw (dreamed?) a car was coming right at me – and I awoke with my heart pounding. What did this mean? Was this the end? I was visiting my daughter in Florida and in a few days I would be headed back to Georgia to pick up my motor home which was being repaired and then go to my brother’s home where my mother was visiting until I returned to take her back to Cape Cod to pack up her belongings and move back to my home in Arizona.

When I finished dressing and was having breakfast with my daughter I felt compelled to tell her
my dream and said, “I just want you to know I love you and Stephanie (my grand-daughter) – just in case you don’t see me again”. The dream was so vivid, so real – I had never experienced a dream like that.

A few days later I had returned to Georgia, picked up my repaired motor home and was ready to start on our long journey to Cape Cod. At this time, mother was 92 years old, and we were traveling with my little Pomeranian , Sushi, and her two cats, Ginger and Pudy Cat. We all piled in the RV and headed on down the Interstate highway, stopping occasionally to stretch our legs, take rest room breaks and gas up.

The second day on the road we were in Virginia and I noticed it was time to refuel, so after pulling into the gas station, Mother said she wanted to go into the small convenient store, which was unusual since we had already visited the restroom before leaving that morning. I helped her into the store and went back to gas up the motor home. When all was taken care of, I went inside to pay the cashier and there was mother paying for a couple of angel figurines she had found and just had to have! After we climbed aboard Mother put her angels in the glove compartment for safe keeping. And we pulled out and headed up the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It was a nice stretch of highway – four lanes, two headed north and two going south, divided by autumn-tinged scenic foliage. We had only been driving about ten miles and I was in the inside left lane when all of a sudden, about two cars in front of me, I saw a red car go flying into the air and come crashing down into the middle of the two lanes. This happened so fast it was like a dream! In what seemed like split seconds, all the cars beside me and in front of me had disappeared and all that was in front of me was a red car, spinning and sliding right towards me. In just that brief second I had to decide, is the car going to slide off the road in time for me not to hit it – or is it going to spin right into me? I waited as long as I could and the car was just a few feet in front of me when I swerved to the left and floored the gas pedal. We made it! And I quickly pulled off the road and looked behind me: the red car had come to rest right in the middle of the road, totally mangled. It evidently had hit the guard rail at the side of the road and ricocheted back into the road. Mother saw a man helping a lady to the side of the road and she was sitting on the highway guard rail. I saw the man who had pulled off in front of me running to the lady with a blanket. We were at the bottom of an incline and looking back could see the cars were backed up about a mile. I called 911 as soon as I saw the victim was being tended to and reported the accident and where we were located.

When Mother and I got back into the motor home and drove off I thanked God and His angels for keeping us safe.

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ABC Wednesday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Outside, Backside, Little Things, A Cup of ….., and Reflect.  These are the words for today’s scavenger Hunt on Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday.



There are a few bushes still blooming.  These little tiny flowers are outside in my backyard.

Backside – and – A Cup of….   

IMG_5137-001    IMG_5138-001
Here’s my cup of java.

The other day I was looking up the alt keys for the copyright symbol and came across a website that was full of alt key shortcuts for many different symbols, and on the sidebar was a picture of a cup with all the alt key symbols on it. So I clicked on the cup and it took me to her Zazzle store and I thought, “Wow! This will solve my problem of always having to look up the symbols for copyright, parenthesis, and ½ plus more.  The cup had a sunflower on the other side but I already have a cup with a sunflower so, since you can customize these products, I downloaded a photo of a wild burro that I took back in 2007.

An aside story: Just this past week someone emailed me to let me know that my burrow’s name is Jackie.  She sent me some recent pixs of Jackie and there was absolutely no doubt that her photos and mine were the same burro!  She continued to inform me that when there are too many wild burros in Oatman, Arizona the True Innocents Equine Rescue comes out and takes a few back to their shelter in Riverside, California.  So I’m very proud to know my little burro has a name!  She is one of the most popular of my selling art work.  It really depends on which hand you hold the cup in whether the symbols are the backside or the frontside 🙂

Little Things


Here’s a little shadowbox I put up in my fixed up spare room.  The little girl and birds were painted and glazed by my mother when she was taking a ceramic class in the 80s.





When I go into our newly refurbished spare room I reflect over the past year, how the unpleasant experience of a flooded bathroom, hallway and closet led to new vanities, walls, and tile floors.  It took almost five months before everything was completed but we have much to be thankful for – it could have been a lot worse and we were able to upgrade our house!


Zyzzyva – What you say?!

What is a zyzzyva? Well, zyzzyva is the last word in the dictionary. Yeah, so, what does it mean? A zyzzyva has the distinction of being a weevil in the southern hemisphere .

def: zyz·zy·va [noun] 1. Any of various tropical American weevils of the genus Zyzzyva, often destructive to plants.

Zyzzyva species

There once was a zyzzyva named Cree,
A wicked old weevil was he,
He chewed up the leaves
And flattened the trees
And left nothing behind but debris.
                                     L. Grimley

The only other meaning I could find for zyzzyva is the Zyzzyva Journal – a journal of West coast writers and artists established in San Francisco in 1985. I started reading one of their posts they have on their blog which sounds very interesting and have added the journal to my bookmark.

This is my first post participation with ABC Wednesday. For more zzzz’s go visit!

Paint Party Friday Time!

It’s been awhile since I’ve contributed to PPF.  But, hopefully now that we are in a new year, holidays are behind us,  and reparations on my home are done I can concentrate on some artistic endeavors.  I just started back to the church arts and crafts group and we were sitting around talking about what kind of project we wanted to start.  One lady is partial to fabric crafts, another likes watercolor and two of us are sort of undecided.  I’m leaning towards mosaic projects – maybe decorating some spring flower pots for the church tables – or maybe some more bird houses or mosaic key racks.


As we were discussing our next project I did a  still life contour drawing of some flowers on the table.  After downloading into computer I tinted them.  But actually, this will be a work in progress as I plan to color with watercolor or colored pencils.

If you’d like to see more artwork go to Paint Party Friday.

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 5,600 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 9 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Aging Gracefully – Ha! Haiku

Getting old is an amazing phenomena! I mean, only a person my age can understand how one feels when they reach the “golden years” of mid-70s through 80s. Of course, I’m speaking from my own viewpoint, but having talked to many a person in there late 70s to mid-80s there seems to be universal agreement that it’s an awesome wonder at how we reached such an advanced age! Especially since it was just yesterday (so it seems) that we were in our teens. To a younger person this may seem a trivial or just a passing thought, but to someone my age this is a feeling that is lived each and ever day, usually while in the bathroom staring at that person in the mirror – or at least once a week.

Today on the church bulletin a friend’s birthday was mentioned. After services we had our usual coffee get-together and another friend and I went up to wish her a happy birthday – and then asked how old she was. I figured she was around 82, but it turned out she is now 85! To my eyes she is a well-preserved, hardy, stand-up-tall 85-year-old. But probably to a younger person she looks pretty old. When I arrived home I told my husband it was my friend’s 85th birthday. It’s hard to believe that so many of my friends are in their 80’s! What am I doing running around with a bunch of 80-year-olds?! I remember when mother first moved here at 92 years of age. She absolutely refused to live with me – or my out-of-state brothers, so we checked out all the assisted living facilities. We’d go in, look around, and she’d turn and head on out the door, saying, “I’m not going to live with a bunch of old people”!

Well, I don’t want to belabor this subject, but, oh, one other thing that has changed in my advanced years – even from just one year ago. My face. It had always been my belief that, sure, wrinkles come with age – so what! No way would I even think about plastic surgery to uplift, smooth away, cut away, eradicate or any other type of cosmetric surgery. Hmmm, where did all these wrinkles come from in the last six months??? This will not do! Somehow, I’ve got to get rid of them. Yes, surgery sounds tempting – just a slight nip and tuck under the chin…… no, not worth the pain nor the chance that more wrinkles will follow! But maybe something else – Prep H? Flour and water? I guess the most painless and the best solution is to stop looking at myself in the mirror! I can remember a few years back when driving my mother to the hearing doctor she stopped looking in the visor mirror, turned to me, and said, “Sandra, I want to go to the doctor”. And I said, “What for Mom”? Mother pulled the skin under her chin taut and replied (at 96-years-old), “I want him to get rid of these wrinkles”!

So it is what it is – aging gracefully with a lot of internal dialogue going on that would flabbergast a youngster!

Old Age-002

Inertia sets in
Wrinkles pile up, body sags
But onward we go

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