Scavenger Hunt Here I Come

The prompts for this Sunday are: Home or Thankful; In the kitchen; Couple; Bubbles; and Trees. If you would like to see more go to Ashley Sisk’s blog.


In the Kitchen 

Norma, my SIL, gave me this pretty sign and I added the Artcraft yellow hanger above it.   And there is something else is in the picture that I didn’t even see while I was taking the picture ~


I bought the big clown at an auction. You pull down the lever in his back, then place a coin on the clown’s hand, and he brings his hand to his mouth and swallows the coin. Cute! I painted the little clown in an arts and crafts group. We painted indians, clowns, reindeer, Santa Clauses, etc and put them in little bags to give out to the residents of the assisted living facilities in the area at Christmas time.



I love these Chilean Mesquite trees in front of my house.

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