PPF and Orange You Glad It’s Friday

Been a busy week, what with the repairs and improvements from the water damage done last July . So far the twenty holes in the walls and ceilings are gone.   And new vanities in the bathrooms!  Next comes the new tile floors – which is going to be a mess, since he has to remove the present tile floor. Dust! Dust! Dust!

For some reason workmen want to start work as early as possible – like eight in the morning! So the worst part of all this is having to become a day person when every core of my being is a night person. I can certainly count my blessings though, after what the East coast has gone through with hurricane Sandy and then a Nor’easter on top of that!

And when it’s all finished – jubilation!  Brand new bathrooms and floors.  We’ve lived in our hourse fifteen years and these are the first improvements since moving in.  Sometimes it takes an accident (like a flood) to push one into action – in our case, making upgrades to our house, which should really pay off if we decide to sell in the near future.

So to make a long story short, I haven’t had much time or energy to think about my blog. Tonight I’ve taken some of my photography and turned it into fun art and included one of my old paintings to share with Orange You Glad It’s Friday and Paint Party Friday and Creative Every Day.




16 thoughts on “PPF and Orange You Glad It’s Friday

  1. Fun digital art. Your painting is great. Remodeling is such a pain to live through, but so worth it in the end. Glad to hear yours is a happy ending. Happy PPF

  2. Did you notice that in your first photo it looks as though there is a little seated figure on top of the sign, and then when I scrolled down, your painting of the woman had a very similar pose!
    Glad to hear your renovations are going well. I have lived through way too much of that. It would take a disaster to make me willingly go through it again.

    • Now isn’t that something!? Didn’t notice that – but it does have a similar line to it as the lady in painting. But I also noticed in the second photo it looks like the bust of Queen Nefertiti (I have a big medallion-type necklace with the queen on it that looks like that).
      Since I posted this, I’ve had to have a door knob/lock replaced, a new water pressure regulator put in, and Monday the garage door man is coming to fix the garage door opener which just broke. I think this is Murphy’s Law, isn’t it -when it rains it pours.

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