Cactus Flowers and Hearts – Collage and Haiku

My friend, Cherie Holt, has a yard full of cactus plants.  Here is a collage of some of her photography of the beautiful flowers that these cacti produce, and a naturally formed cactus heart.  And there is a magnificent swallowtail butterfly perched on the flowers. Sharing with Random Hearts and Winged Edition.


Prickly though they be
There is a heart amongst them
Sending love to all

Perched on the flowers
yellowtail butterfly sips
nectar daintily





10 thoughts on “Cactus Flowers and Hearts – Collage and Haiku

    • Me too! I’ve tried a number of times with no success. One time I did have about a 2.5ft tall cactus right at the edge of my back property (on a golf course) and a golfer hit his ball into my yard and my dog got it. Well, the man was so steamed he took his club and clubbed my cactus, knocking it over! Needless to say, it stopped growing since he disturbed the roots.

  1. What a gorgeous heart cactus! I’m so glad you linked it up with last week’s Guest Heart Thursday. I’m so sorry it took so long to comment, but it’s been a very hard couple of weeks, and I’m just starting to get caught up. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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