Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Orange or Pink

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Faceless Portrait

View from the top

This is a practice set-up for a high tea my ladie’s group is putting on in December.  I’m working on creating a harmonious arrangement of mixed pieces of china, cups and saucers.


Sunny can look comfy cozy just about anywhere she sprawls.


Halloween is almost here! Twenty-five years ago I dressed like Dolly Parton (with the help of some large orange balloons stuck in strategic places). It was so much fun dressing up for Halloween where I worked – and then on to Halloween parties afterward.

Linking with Ashley Sisk at Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

15 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. I LOVE your ‘stacked’ photo from years back – lol! It is so true that cats have a way of making themselves very cozy for a nap almost anywhere.

  2. Great set. You are the 1st that came up with a “Stacked” shot that I bet everyone thought about doing but didn’t – So funny!
    Cozy is super sweet – Cats just convey a cozy, comfy mood.

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