Macro and Blue Monday and a couple haiku

                                                   A macro view of a beautiful sunflower from my backyard.                                                                            

spokes pointing outward
sunflower seeds growing fast
birds await their meal

hands staying busy
painting and drawing her dreams
her visions were bright

This is my mom, Muriel B.S. Thompson at age 95.
She always used Muriel Sigretto on her artwork. When Mom would have her dark sunglasses on, walking with her cane. she always reminded me of Maxine the greeting card lady – not only because of her appearance with the glasses and cane, but also because she had the quick remarks on the order of Maxine – sort of dry and crabby. This December she will have been gone two years. Sure do miss her.

These are being shared with Lisa at Macro Monday and Sally at Blue Monday.

Smiling Sally                                           MM3


9 thoughts on “Macro and Blue Monday and a couple haiku

  1. I understand about missing your mom. My mother was special to me too, and I still miss her. I guess that’s good because it shows how much love we shared.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful blues. I look forward to reading your comment on my blog.

    Happy Blue Monday, Lessandra.

  2. She looks like a pretty Maxine — so sorry for your loss–as someone said to me once, you never get over it–but it becomes easier with the good memories –it has been 21 years since I lost my mom, and I miss her everyday

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