Where Are My Keys – Only The Shadow Knows!

Okay, here are the prompts for today’s scavenger hunt: Shadow;  Keys;  Smile;  Unedited;  Spice.  For more scavenger finds go to Ashley Sisk’s at Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


A powerful swing
Landed his balls to the wall
Now to get them down

I looked up “balls to the wall” (lest you think it’s a profane saying) and found there were twenty-four definitions in the Urban Dictionary, none of which pertained to this haiku or photo.  The definition here is just a play on words, nooo, I wouldn’t have guessed 😆  Warning! Page one of definitions is okay, page two and three has some raunchy definitions.


This was my first mosaic project with no help or advise.  I was quite happy with it, although I discovered later that without filling most of the space on the wood butterfly with glass, marbles or jewelry, I’d end up with big spaces of grout!  I rubbed a little glitter glue on the grout so it wouldn’t look quite so bare.


Now I wonder who this could be? Silly girl!


This was my second choice for shadows.  Totally unedited.


The other day I decided to clean everything off the areas around my garden tub – including this wire basket which was filled with soaps.    When it came time for me to take a photo for the prompt “spice”, I took down some of my most used spices and put them in this basket.  I like it so much, and it makes it so easy to grab the spices I use all the time, it’s going to stay right there on the counter!  Except cilantro which really doesn’t get used that much so I’ll exchange it for dried onion flakes.

13 thoughts on “Where Are My Keys – Only The Shadow Knows!

  1. Fun set! I was laughing at the commentary on photo one. I’ll have to google the expression! I’m sure the meaning I am familiar with is on page one, but it would be interesting to see what else it can mean 🙂

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