Peace the Angels Sang

And the angels sang
On high to the Almighty
Peace on earth good will

Quietness arrives
Birds find their places on boughs
As night settles in

I am sharing this with Smiling Sally on Blue Monday. There are lots of blue happenings at Sally’s – go take a look!
Smiling Sally

6 thoughts on “Peace the Angels Sang

  1. That is so blue-tiful! Thanks for sharing your beautiful blues.

    Your daughter lives not too far from us. Perhaps we could meet for lunch next time you visit her.
    We lived in South Florida for 40 years, and we just moved into the Tampa area 3 years ago.

    Happy Blue Monday, Lessandra.

  2. Beautiful sunset. I love listening to the birds when twiligh comes. It reminds me of the show, The Waltons, where everyone was telling everyone goodnight at the end of the day. Birds to the same thing, with twitters and coos.

    Happy Blue Monday!

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