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Happy Halloween – Boooo!

It’s a few days early, but I wanted to share this with Mosaic Monday. I think there is a wee bit of blue showing so let’s include Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally’s and also Creative Every Day Prayers go out to all you folks on the East coast in the path of hurricane Sandy. Please stay safe!

The pictures of witches and warlocks, gypsies and goofballs are my husband and I in the mid-’90s. Those were the good old days when I was still working as a medical transcriber at Stanford Hospital. Everyone in our department dressed for Halloween – what fun! After work my boyfriend and I (now my husband) would make the rounds of the piano bars, which were still popular in the Bay area in Northern California. I’ll never forget one year, the Stanford students were throwing a big Halloween haunt in a wooded area where Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stanford were buried in a big mausoleum in a wooded area on the Stanford campus. The rock music was blaring unbelievably loud and everyone was dancing (it’s not easy to dance holding a broom!). Well, it wasn’t too many months later when the enormous oak tree the students were dancing under died. I felt very remorseful for taking part in this – but was told that the tree probably was on it’s way out anyhow because there was some sort of beetle infestation in the oaks. I hope the kids back East can have a belated Halloween if the hurricane messes up the 31st!

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Oh boy, I’ve found some good scavenger hunt finds right here in the house! Plus one new collage from an archived photo. Thank you Ashley for such a wonderful way to stretch one’s abilities and creativity in the art of photography and also to have a lot of fun at the same time!  If you’d like to see more interesting scavenger finds go on over to Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

The prompts for today are: Pattern; machine; signs or logos; rocks or stones; and sparkle.


I took a close-up of one small area of a crocheted purse I had, made different colors, and then created a collage.


This is our recumbent exercise bike we bought about four years ago.  I try……I really try…..really I do.. to use it regularly – or at least once a week……or at least once a month.  But here lately, I am using it more than I was 🙄

Signs or Logos

Last Christmas I gave DH this box of Harry & David Moose Munch (which was delicious!) and liked the box so much I’ve just kept it.  The little caterpillar giving it the eye is made of clay and I bought it about three years ago at a We Care Cancer Support Breast Cancer Benefit in Bullhead City, AZ.

Rocks or stones

I love rocks and stones!  These were setting in my kitchen window – along with quite a few more.  Unfortunately, I can’t give you the names of these rocks – Anybody know?


This is a wood key holder rack like the one here. But instead of pottery and glass I will use tempered glass so you will still be able to see the colors I have painted. And tempered glass will be used over the sparkle around the edges of the butterfly also and the sparkl will still shine through.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Scavenger Hunt Sunday – everyone welcome!

Trick or Treat!

Paint Party Friday

Been sort of down and out this week with a UTI so didn’t have the get up and go to work on my art journal. But here is an acrylic I did three years ago. I remember struggling over those trees – never have felt comfortable painting trees. But, looking at it now, I’m satisfied – isn’t that weird? Trees is the theme for October for art journaling, so this would be the perfect time for me to work on a a few pages of trees!

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Una Paloma Blanco – The White Bird

 Una Paloma Blanca – lyrics by George Baker

When the sun shines on the mountain
And the night is on the run
It’s a new day
It’s a new way
And I fly up to the sun

I can feel the morning sunlight
I can smell the new-mown hay
I can hear God’s voice is calling
For my golden sky light way

Una paloma blanca
I’m just a bird in the sky
Una paloma blanca
Over the mountains I fly
No one can take my freedom away

Once I had my share of losing                                       
For they locked me on a chain
Yes they tried to break my power
Oh I still can feel the pain

Una paloma blanca
I’m just a bird in the sky
Una paloma blanca
Over the mountains I fly
No one can take my freedom away

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Uriel’s Message

Macro Monday Brings Blooms and Fruit

Psalm 118:24 – “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Around three in the morning I took Sparky and Mandy in the backyard for their last leak before going to bed. As I shined my flashlight on our one and only “citrus cocktail” tree I spied this tiny little lime blossom and fruit, so I went inside and got my camera and took the above photo.  Two days later I checked it again  and the blossom had fallen off,  revealing this:

I’ve searched all over and can’t find evidence of any other fruit.  And actually, this isn’t when I usually smell blossoms on the tree – uh-oh! I just remembered something – about a week ago I smelled orange (or citrus) blossoms, looked all over to see where the scent was coming from, even scanned my citrus tree but didn’t see any blooms.  I guess maybe the lime part of the tree was in fact blooming but didn’t see them.  The reason this is called a cocktail tree is because there are four different citrus fruits grafted onto a single root stock.  On my tree there is a Valencia orange, naval orange, mandarin, and a Bearss lime.  It is about five or six years old and so far it’s produced two good seasons of about a dozen fruit.  Except, not a single mandarin – my favorite!  Hopefully, this will be a good season, as last year wasn’t – I haven’t researched it, but it seems to make good sense that fruit-bearing trees have resting seasons  after a bumper crop (well, too me, it was a bumper crop!)

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Blue Monday

Here is a clearly blue selection for blue monday – a collection of blue milk glass. For more “blues” visit smiling sally atBlue Monday

Smiling Sally

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Orange or Pink

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Faceless Portrait

View from the top

This is a practice set-up for a high tea my ladie’s group is putting on in December.  I’m working on creating a harmonious arrangement of mixed pieces of china, cups and saucers.


Sunny can look comfy cozy just about anywhere she sprawls.


Halloween is almost here! Twenty-five years ago I dressed like Dolly Parton (with the help of some large orange balloons stuck in strategic places). It was so much fun dressing up for Halloween where I worked – and then on to Halloween parties afterward.

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Arizona, oh Arizona!

Arid low desert
Mountains with sunny blue skies
Rising to the sun

Aware of the heat
Best to gaze from cool inside
Looking out window

Spirit Mountain, Nevada viewed from Bullhead City, Arizona

Arizona mountains seen from Laughlin Ranch in Bullhead City, Arizona

Arizona mountains

Mohave Valley,  Arizona – California mountains in background

This is a response to Artsyville’s meme “What do you like about where you live”?
I’ve lived in the low desert of Arizona, just five miles from the Colorado River, with Nevada five miles to the West and about ten miles from Needles, California to the southwest since 1997. When my husband and I moved here from Northern California we would often remark when going to town on errands, “this is just like being on vacation”. Traveling on the main highway, the traffic is light, the mountains are off to the left and to the right. For people who live on the East coast and have never been out West: the mountains out here are like giant hills of rock and sand – not like the grassy green mountains on the EC. But, they are still enjoyable to look at, particularly with the vastness of the horizon and the clear blue skies – yup, the wide-open spaces! Fort Mohave has a population of about 15,000 and the neighboring city of Bullhead City has a population of about 39,000+.

I like the weather here for about eight months out of the year with temps in the mid-70s to low 40s. Now the summer months are something else! Usually by May the temperatures have reached 100F and by July are in the teens – like 113-119F and then August gets in the 120s on some days. That’s when I choose to stay in the house and blog, make art, play WWF on Facebook, and generally anything that will take me away from housework :). When first moving here, like the first six years, I tended to stay at home and do my own thing. Then I moved my mother here from Cape Cod when she was 92. She also is an artist; so I enrolled both of us in the local art organization. I did this mainly for Mom, so others could see what a great artist she is (was). But it turned out to be one of the best moves I had made since moving here. That is when my art world opened up to me through acquaintances and friends in the community and the community college.

To make a long story short, “What do I like about where I live”? By far, the wonderful friends that I have made over the past nine years, both in the art community, my local P.E.O. chapter, and the church community.

Sorry, I have to mention, if you were wondering what kind of entertainment might be available out here in the low desert – right across the river in Nevada is the town of Laughlin, which is a mini-scale Las Vegas, with plenty of casinos. If you don’t care to gamble, all of the casinos have fabulous restaurants and buffets to choose from. And ninety miles away is Las Vegas where we go every now and then to visit my brother and sister-in-law and doctor visits.

Topock Bay, Arizona

Oatman, Arizona

Needles Mountains in Needles, California

Mountains outside of Las Vegas, Nevada

View from my backyard.

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Our World Tuesday Graphic

Macro, Mosaic, and Blue Monday

I’ve finally captured a close-up of a bug! Or is it insect? Or arachnid? HERE is an interesting article explaining the difference between bugs and insects. In the meantime here is a macro of a black widow spider that likes to hang out on my patio.

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Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins. What else can you do with pumpkins once you make your pumpkin pie and carve a face or two? HERE are a few interesting ways you can use pumpkins.

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Here is a picture of the lobelia plant. I love these delicate little flowers and this is a good time for planting here in the low desert.  I’m linking with Sally for Blue Monday.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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