I’ve Fallen Off My Fence and Broken My Bokeh

No, seriously, the title has three of the Scavenger Hunt Sunday word/promps us scavengers have had to hunt down, along with a few others – here is what I found:


Fallen – like in “help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Ordinary Color

Now what does that mean?  I guess this is just an ordinary Royal blue – if royal can be considered ordinary!


I had to look this word up; had no idea what it meant. After looking at many images under bokeh, I remembered this photo I took of my cat a few years ago and decided to retouch the whole background. This is how it turned out – would this be considered bokeh?

And last, but not the least is Fence – which is in my back yard overlooking the neighbor’s beautiful tree (don’t remember the name of it)

15 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen Off My Fence and Broken My Bokeh

    • Thanks Stephanie. Can you believe that is a Valentine’s Day bear I gave DH about 7-8 years ago and somehow he got dirty so I put him in the chair on our dirtier patio – pooor bear. But we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary Tuesday so everything is A-OK!

  1. I love your cracked reminds me of my grandma she collected tea cups like that and my dad has a bunch of cracked ones that are hard to get rid of. Have a great week.

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