Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ haiku

My husband’s son’s wife passed away September 17, 2012 at the age of 53 from a lengthy illness .   Jeff called us late last night to tell us.  When she died a friend of Kathryn’s was singing a song that she loved, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  And it was during that song that Kathryn peacefully slipped away.  My haiku is dedicated to her memory.

her journey here is past
somewhere over the rainbow
with spirit she lives

/a>Sensational Haiku Wednesday

20 thoughts on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ haiku

    • I know – it’s hard to believe. At one time Kathryn took singing lessons – she really loved music and, I believe, the singer was a Mets singer so it must have been very beautiful – what’s that saying – “music can transport the soul”?

    • Thank you Green Speck. I’m sure they appreciate all the prayers sent their way. Jeff now has a 12-year old daughter to raise – he has been doing a tremendous job already, but it must be very scary without your helpmate there. Thanks again ♥

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