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Art for Art’s Sake

Have you ever heard of ArtRage Studio? It is a terrific art program – the best that I’ve tried yet.   Several bloggers responding to my query as to what programs seem to work fairly easy, Carlarey suggested ArtRage. They have a free 30-day trial which I promptly downloaded.

The landscape painting I did with the demo. But I enjoyed it – and was so excited – that I downloaded the less than thirty dollar ArtRage Studio. They have one that is a little more advanced for about forty or fifty dollars. The petunias I am still working on (WIP)and I’m using the full ArtRage Studio program.

It has mega choices in brush strokes, application of paint, other implements, all sorts of fun tools – like glitter, confetti, sprinkles, star glitter, dice, etc. (see last picture). If you have any desire to paint but don’t want to mess with paints, brushes, and all the other tools necessary to get started, get this program. It’s very easy and there is an endless variety of ways you can be creative with it.

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ haiku

My husband’s son’s wife passed away September 17, 2012 at the age of 53 from a lengthy illness .   Jeff called us late last night to tell us.  When she died a friend of Kathryn’s was singing a song that she loved, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  And it was during that song that Kathryn peacefully slipped away.  My haiku is dedicated to her memory.

her journey here is past
somewhere over the rainbow
with spirit she lives

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