Potpourri Monday ~ plus a few haiku

Rolling hills of green
Vast expanses of blue sky
Where is my putter?

This is the golf course at the Laughlin Ranch in Bullhead City, Arizona.   Laughlin Ranch has a golf course, spa, restaurant and banquet rooms. When we were in business we held our annual Southwest Artisans Cooperative Art Marketplace here. Beautiful surroundings! I’d like to share this with Sally on Blue Monday and Our World Tuesday.

Petals of bright red
Anthers awaiting for touch
Bees will do the rest


I guess you could say I like flowers, since my posts seem to have a lot of pictures of flowers!  And it’s funny, as much as I love flowers when it comes to painting them they are one of the hardest things for me to paint – or draw.  Someone told me they learned how to paint flowers when they were taking a tole painting course.  Once they learned the basics of painting a flower through the tole method they were able to branch out into other styles.  If you would like to see more macro photos of flowers and many other subjects visit Lisa’s Chaos at Macro Monday and mosaics at Mosaic Monday.


Smiling Sally

30 thoughts on “Potpourri Monday ~ plus a few haiku

    • Thank you Carol. Are blogs great? You can share all your photos of the places you’ve been, the places that are beautiful or interesting and – I guess Sharing is what’s so nice 🙂

    • Me too – but I have an MVP (slight heart murmur) which makes playing golf difficult. But every now and again I’ll walk down to the putting green just a few blocks away and practice putting. It is a wee bit of exercise, right? 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Carletta. I found all of your comments in my spam box for some reason. I check the spam box every 3-4 days and there is usually one or two good comments I have to remove from the spam box 🙂

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