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Scavenger Hunt Sunday is here again

Well guys, here it is another Sunday and time for another scavenger hunt.  I don’t know about you, but these were hard prompts to fill!  According to the rules only one photo should come from the archives – so I took several photos with my cell – less than fine quality!  To see more scavenger hunts go to Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


This was my good friend, Loretta, and her new husband, John.  They were happily married in 2009, she in her ?? and he was pushing 90.  They had several very sweet years together – he simply doted on her!  She passed away in 2011 and he just passed away about a month ago.  God rest their souls.  I am sharing this with The Art of Remembering. Loretta was a “get things done” type lady, but she knew how to enlist the help of all those around her (you could call her a “delegator”). She was a caregiver for the lady who lived next door to my mother and became friends with Mother. She was in a convalescent home the last year of her life (with her husband) and one day she took my hand and started weeping. She said, “I was with your mother in heaven. I dreamed I was in heaven with your Mom” and she couldn’t stop weeping. As it turned out Mom passed a few days later at the age of 100.5 years, and Loretta died about six months later. So now I know I know who two of my guardian angels are 🙂


These were man-made askew!  This is my tsunami memorial; One day I painted a folk art style Pacific Island angel.  Several months later my son sent me a Indonesian style mobile with dangling pieces of glass in the same colors as I had used in the painting!  So I hung the mobile and painting and declared it as my memorial to all the tsunami victims.


These are oleander blooms, which have a very gentle fragrance.  The whites usually have no scent, but I love the scent of the pink ones!


Now how simple can you get!?


Not exactly a plant but they’ve been planted in this vase for so long I look at it as a plant!